Chew your chew on.  Images from Ark Therapeutic

Ark Therapeutic – Chewelry for the Sensory Fashion Forward

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Chew your chew on.  Images from Ark Therapeutic
Chew your chew on. Images from Ark Therapeutic

Ark Therapeutic has a wide range of chewing accessories for individuals with a sensory need. And their website doesn’t just sell the tools to help with special needs individuals, they also have resources to help pick out the right ones.

My son has a history of chewing on his shirt collar when he’s stressed or focusing really hard. We’d tried chew necklaces in the past, but he didn’t like them because they were too “little kid” for him. This special need led me to the variety of chewelry designs including bracelets and necklaces on Ark’s website.

The necklaces were my son’s chew of choice and come in a few varieties including dino bite, bite saber, brick stick, superstar dog tag, saber tooth, and Krypto bite. There are different colors that correspond to how tough of a chew it is. The brick-stick has the added bonus of texture for those that want that feature.

Since my son likes to chew with his back molars sometimes, we went with the bite-saber because it gave him that ability while also being Star Wars cool. The bite saber comes in a necklace and pencil topper design.

I have a tendency to grind my teeth when I’m anxious so I picked out a blue dino-bite to see if that would help me on my rough days. I found that the blue strength is a little tough for me. The softer magenta bite saber was a better fit. There was no strange taste to get used to and I wasn’t able to put a single chew mark on it. The later was important to me because, at work, I didn’t want people asking me why I had a chewed up lightsaber hanging around my neck.

I’m happy to say that Ark Therapeutic is a company I would recommend to anyone, child or adult, who have a need to chew on something for comfort. They get the job done without being an obvious chew accessory. Their second best feature is their price is reasonable starting at $7.99 for the bite-saber pencil toppers and up to $14.99 for the dino-bite.

If you know someone who has a chewing need, check out Ark’s wide range of tools to help them and maybe drop one or two in their stocking. Unsure what to get? They have sampler packs to help you out.

So don’t wait. Get your chew on.

Disclaimer: GeekMom received a review sample. 

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