First Images and Video From Avatar: Discover Pandora

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FIRST IMAGES/VIDEO from "Avatar: Discover Pandora" Exhibition
Discover Pandora – The Exhibition Handprint PHOTO CAPTIONS (Courtesy of GES / 20th Century Fox)

Today, I received the first images/video from the Avatar: Discover Pandora exhibition. Here in Los Angeles, I have seen posters, billboards, and media flags up about the interactive experience. If you ask folks in their twenties what their favorite movie is, many will say James Cameron’s  Avatar. It is the one that rocked their world as a kid, much like The Empire Strikes Back did for me.

So what exactly is this cool new exhibition that invites us in to explore this world so admired in the movie?

The exhibition showcases the beauty and mystery of Pandora, bringing it back to Earth for a compelling exploration of how Pandora mirrors our own planet and what we can learn from it. Featuring captivating settings such as the Hallelujah Mountains and Tree of Souls, as well as life-sized recreations of creatures including the Banshee, Direhorse, and Viperwolf, visitors to Avatar: Discover Pandora will be able to experience the science and wonder of Pandora firsthand.

FIRST IMAGES/VIDEO from "Avatar: Discover Pandora" Exhibition
Marvel at life-size creatures like the Direhorse at Avatar: Discover Pandora – The Exhibition PHOTO CAPTIONS (Courtesy of GES / 20th Century Fox)

Presenting Pandora as a real place, this unique, hands-on exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to experience the science and the wonder of Pandora right here on Earth. Both entertaining and educational, the exhibition showcases a series of exciting and engaging immersive environments that highlight Pandora’s diverse and exotic flora and fauna, along with the amazing culture and mythology of its indigenous people, the Na’vi.

“This exhibition gives us the opportunity to take guests on a fascinating journey that we hope will give them new insights about both the rich and detailed alien world created in Avatar and the amazing Earth we all share.”

“So much of what we learn about Pandora can inspire us to be more curious and thoughtful about the world around us,” said Kathy Franklin, President, Franchise Development at Lightstorm Entertainment.

“The première of the exhibition marks the culmination of more than two years of work to bring James Cameron’s vision of Pandora to audiences around the world and we are thrilled to make Taiwan the first stop of the exhibition’s five-year global tour,” said Eddie Newquist, chief creative officer and EVP at GES. “GES is proud to lead the creative efforts of the artists, engineers, designers, and craftsmen who infused the entire exhibition with the artistry, innovation, and quality of James Cameron’s Avatar.

Here is the first video look behind the scenes at the Avatar exhibit:

Here is a breakdown of some things to expect from the tour with your family:

  • Enter an exhibition curated by the Pandoran Research Foundation where they will leave the century behind and step into the 22nd-century world of the Avatar franchise.
  • Learn about space travel and the history behind the discovery of Pandora in the Alpha Centauri.
  • Explore recreations of Pandora’s most compelling environments showcasing its unique plants and animals and what they can teach us about our own planet.
  • Engage in interactive activities based on the culture, language, and music of the Na’vi, the nine-foot-plus-tall humanoids who are the indigenous people of Pandora.
  • Experience the jewel-like glow of Pandora’s bioluminescent plants and animals.
  • Interact with banshees, learn to use an AMP suit, picture themselves as part of the Avatar.

Tickets are on sale now:

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