As a Happy Distraction, This Yodelling Pickle Is Everything

This Yodeling Pickle is Everything | Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley, GeekMom yodelling pickle
Image source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

Has election season got you down?

Are you tired of the endless, hateful, back and forth?

Have you had to hide your brother/sister/mother/aunt/great uncle on Facebook so that you can maintain civility when you hang out in person?

Is your cousin flooding your inbox with politically-fueled emails?

Did you have an awkward political conversation or a heated debate with a friend?

You aren’t alone…. but I have a solution for you!

In the Wake of the Election, This Yodelling Pickle is Everything

this-yodeling-pickle-is-everything-caitlin-fitzpatrick-curley-geekmom yodelling pickle
Image source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

This Yodelling Pickle is everything.

I hate toys that make noise. You’ll be lucky to find five in our home and I’m willing to bet most are in need of a battery replacement.


This pickle spreads joy.

When you hear this pickle, you will laugh…and so will your friends and family (even those that you hid on Facebook three months ago).

I think this pickle has magical healing properties. I believe it can cross the political divide.

This pickle spreads laughter and happiness. I know because I have given it to friends and families during hard times. When there are no words, I give this pickle. Friends often reminisce about the pickle’s arrival on their doorstep, how it made them laugh for the first time in days, how it made them laugh so hard they cried.

I have purchased so many pickles over the years that my Amazon recommendations have a pickle theme. I kid you not.

Do you want to see it in action? Of course, you do! Well, you’re in luck.

Here is a video from the spring where my children compared the Yodelling Pickle to its dark cousin, the Screaming Pickle (spoiler alert: Yodelling Pickle reigned supreme).

You simply cannot be mad at a friend wielding this pickle, even if he voted for [enter candidate here]. It’s just not possible.

In the wake of this year’s election, this pickle is a unifier.

(It would also make an incredible stocking stuffer!)

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