Time to LEGO of Summer

LEGO Station Image Dakster Sullivan
LEGO Station Image Dakster Sullivan

My son hit middle school this year and to get him ready, we cleaned off his LEGO table and put his back to school necessities there instead. We didn’t get rid of all the LEGO bricks, though. Some fit the purpose of the new space.

Lego journal and pen Image: Dakster Sullivan
LEGO journal and pen Image: Dakster Sullivan

LEGO Stationery – Journal with Band and Building Bricks ($20) – My son has a habit of writing his game notes on scraps of paper and they littered up his room. Now we have him keep one of the LEGO gel pens on the brick band and he takes his notes there.

Lego pens, colored pencils, and case Image: Dakster Sullivan
LEGO pens, colored pencils, and case Image: Dakster Sullivan

LEGO Stationery – Colored Gel Pens 9 Pack with Building Bricks ($21) – My son enjoys writing with pens more than pencils. These are great because they attach to the inside of the stationary organizer or the brick band on the journal.

LEGO Stationery Organizer – Storage for School Supplies and Building Bricks ($40) – This organizer doubles as a mini LEGO building area. You can choose to leave the LEGO bottom in or pop it out to play. My son left his in so he could attach his pens and pencils in securely. The red band on the outside to keep it closed was a nice touch. This is the only thing on the list so far I have to say is a bit pricey for what you get. Personally, I’d say this is more of a $15-20 item and not a $40 item.

LEGO Stationery – Colored Pencils (Pack of 9) – With Toppers and Building Bricks ($14) – The cool thing about these pencils is not the pencils themselves, but the brick toppers that come with it. You can use them to attach a mini-figure to the pencil, attach the pencils to each other and draw with two at once, or attach pencils to the organizer or the journal’s brick band.

I know there are cheaper stationery sets for you child, but for mine, I’m happy with the LEGO variety. If my son isn’t happy using it, he won’t use it, so why not cut out the frustration and get him something he likes and will use? That’s my theory anyway.

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