Profound Perseid Ponderances

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Image Credit: N Engineer (and HAITONG YU/GETTY IMAGES)
Image Credit: N Engineer (and HAITONG YU/GETTY IMAGES)

I, uh, stayed up last night and watched the Perseid Meteor Shower
It was, um, amazing.
Even better than last year.
See, last year the weather was great
Two kids slept over, and the seven of us lay on the driveway for a while
Waited for the motion-sensor lights to shut off
The dog joined us, a bit confused at the sight

We enjoyed the silence, the calm, the weather, the togetherness
and the fact that we didn’t have to travel far to enjoy the cosmic event

Last night another kid slept over
And between watching Americans medal again and again at the Copa Cabana
We, uh, wandered out back and watched for meteors

Why no, it didn’t rain
Clouds? There were no stinking clouds.
It was clear outside
Nary a cloud in the sky

Image Credit: N Engineer
Image Credit: N Engineer

Why no, the kids didn’t stay up late watching the Olympics
No, they weren’t running up and down the stairs at 10:45pm
They went to bed early, and set their alarm clocks for 2:00am

They gently nudged me awake
With a kiss and a hug.
And I rose, grabbed a blanket
And we slipped outside and lay in watch

And the view?
Oh, my!
Absolutely marvelous
The meteors raced across the sky
A cosmic game of tag
Playful and bright
streaking through the sky
Each path practically Olympic in pursuit of its personal passage

And I pondered many ponderances
Profound ponderances
Particularly profound ponderances
And my life changed
And one day, so will yours
When I publish Profound Perseid Ponderances

You see,
It was more than an hour on the ground outside
It was truth
It was global
Greater than global
It was cosmic
Literally and figuratively out of this world

And I saw it.
I was there
Not lying in my bed
Fast asleep

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