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Welcome to the mansion.  Image: Dakster Sullivan
Welcome to the mansion. Image: Dakster Sullivan

Mindbender Mansion, hosted at the Orlando Science Center in Orlando, Florida, takes the idea of brain teasers and transforms it into easily a full afternoon of fun. My family spent over 2 hours just doing the ones required to enter into the Mindbender Society (around 12 or so).

There’s a total of 40 individual brain teasers and 5 team-based teasers that work your full body and mind.

When you enter the exhibit you are greeted by Mister E., the master brain teaser, and curator of the Mindbender Society. As you complete the migraine-inducing teasers, you get clues to unlock the vaults and eventually enter the Mindbender Society complete.

It didn’t take long in the exhibit for me to discover that the math puzzles were the easiest for me.

The best part of the exhibit was the time our family shared working together to solve the puzzles. My husband wasn’t as quick on some as I was and our son one-upped us both on others. The wide variety of puzzles available made it to where there was a niche for everyone.

One thing I would have liked (and maybe I just missed it) was an area to get a hint or the answer to puzzles your brain just could not wrap around. It would also be a nice addition to have someone walking around assisting those that are obviously stuck and cheer on others who might be close but are not quite there yet.

If you are up for spoilers, I posted a couple answers on my Instagram to some of the puzzles listed below. Give them a shot here on your own and then go hunt through my feed to check your answers.

The Mindbender Mansion is a touring exhibit by the Oregon Museum of Science and History. You can find it at the Orlando Science Center through September 5th. The exhibit is included with regular admission.

Tickets are $19.95 ages 12 and up and $13.95 ages 3 – 11.

Disclaimer: GeekMom was given tickets to this experience.

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