PopPen  Image: NeoLab

Review: PopPen and PopPen Stickers


Those cute little story books that read to your kids are fun, but you know what is better? Being able to make them yourself.

PopPen  Image: NeoLab
PopPen Image: NeoLab

With the PopPen stickers and app, you can record whatever you want and program the stickers to repeat it when tapped with the PopPen.

For the younger kids, record yourself or someone else reading one of their favorite books and then put the programmed stickers onto the pages. They can tap the stickers and hear you read to them no matter where they are. It’s nice to be able to program the books you want over being limited to books that the pen works with.

You’re not limited to recording your voice. Anything in an MP3 format can be programmed onto the stickers (music, audio books, etc.). The only limit is the size of your imagination…and the size of the pen you order. I have the 32GB pen and it holds quite a bit. I can’t imagine needing anything larger for my family’s needs.

This year, my son hits middle school and he scored high enough to be put in advanced courses. This means instead of learning Spanish, he’s learning French. The I’m excited to take some of his favorite books and program a few things in French so he gets his practice in.

Something else we did was program some of his favorite study songs onto stickers and placed them on his desk. Tap the pen and they play. This prevents him from getting distracted from playing with his iPod when he should be working on his math.

For multiple child households, get stickers in different colors and assign each child their own color or assign each subject it’s own color.

The downside to the PopPen for now, is that it’s only compatible with Windows. Other than that, it’s very easy to setup and get going with right out of the box.

PopPen and PopPen Stickers range in price depending on the size of pen and sticker pack you order. The starting price of the PopPen is $80.

To learn more, check out NeoLab’s website or reach out to contact@neolab.net.

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