‘Sharkasaurus’ Creator Geeks Out With Faith, Facts, and Fins

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Image: Melanie R. Meadors
Image: Melanie R. Meadors

This week on Geek Speaks…Fiction!, our guest Tereasa Maillie tells us what made creator Spencer Estabrooks geek out while he made his new comic Sharkasaurus, now on Kickstarter!

Have you ever had a really cool idea that all your friends said was crazy? That is Spencer Estabrooks‘ world in a nutshell, but he transforms those crazy ideas into reality. His latest crazy project is Sharkasaurus, which began as a short film and is about to become a graphic novel with your help.

Tremors meets Jaws meets Romeo and Juliet when Creationists and Scientists face off against Sharkasaurus–a prehistoric tunneling dino-shark. Can our emo scientist and promiscuous creationist overcome their families’ ideological differences in time to survive a ravenous apex predator on the hunt?

Working with illustrator Tyler Jenkins, Estabrooks wrote the graphic novel version of his short film Sharkasaurus–a shark that swims through sand terrorizing a creationist-themed golf course in the desert. “People really reacted positively to the short film, but we had bigger (out of budget) ideas we wanted to share,” Estabrooks says. “Graphic novels have unlimited special effects budgets, so it was a perfect fit.”

Art by Tyler Jenkins, used with permission
Art by Tyler Jenkins, used with permission

Five things Spencer hopes you will geek out on in Sharkasaurus:

1. Shark Death Scenes: “Why do we love monster horror films? Because we like watching people get eaten by monsters. The more over-the-top and ridiculous, the better. You’re going to see a lot of that in Sharkasaurus. You can even see yourself get killed. One of the Kickstarter perks includes Sharkasaurus murdering you in the graphic novel.”

2. The Monster Artwork of Tyler Jenkins: “Tyler’s Eisner-nominated artwork is so amazing. His ’70s Grindhouse style is perfect for Sharkasaurus! Best of all, Tyler is the complete package; he works in ink, watercolor, everything. His comic Peter Panzerfaust was amazing. It is inspiring working with him.”

3. The One Liners: “If you’re a fan of cult films, you’re going to recognize a lot of references. Jaws, Tremors, Exorcist–they have great one liners. We’re rolling in all these pop culture references you’re going to love. ‘We’re going to need a bigger truck.’ Everyone knows where that’s from.”

4. Flame wars: “Who hasn’t watched an all out brawl in the comments section? Everyone gets on their soapbox, draws a lot of blood, and ultimately nothing gets solved, but it’s a hilarious popcorn moment. Creationist, scientist, we don’t judge. Everybody dies gloriously. Sharkasaurus has the final word.”

5. Drumheller, Alberta, Canada: “The town of Drumheller is famous for the alien hoodoo landscape and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, but then they have the Creationist museum down the highway. All that history and science and creationism existing side by side, we had to put our star-crossed lovers in that setting.”

Bring Sharkasaurus to life on Kickstarter and check out the short film that started it all.

Photo: Kenneth Locke
Photo: Kenneth Locke

About Spencer Estabrooks:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies at the University of Alberta
  • Diploma in Film production at VMPS
  • Producer and director of genre films including Deadwalkers, The Hunt, and One Hit Die, which crossed the globe winning numerous awards and accolades including Rue Morgue Magazine‘s Award for Best Short of 2013 for The Hunt.
  • His first feature film Legend of the Lich Lord is touring festivals now, and the tasty documentary Aleberta: Our Beer History can be viewed online.
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