SDCC Day One: Wonder Woman Wednesday

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My first day of my first Comic Con in San Diego was dominated by Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman figures, Wonder Woman costumes and, naturally, the Wonder Woman invisible jet.

It began with the Wonder Woman cover to the Comic Con 2016 Souvenir Book, celebrating 75 years of Wonder Woman and ended with the jet.

I’ll take you on a photo journey.

First up, the DC Collectibles as part of a special press preview. Lots of Wonder Woman, which warms my heart, but also Lois Lane and Batgirl of Burnside and her motorcycle.

Next up, costumes on display, including Lynda Carter’s original costume, plus costumes from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie and a couple from the Suicide Squad film:

And the Wonder Woman invisible jet reveal, with some lovely graffiti by artists hired by Warner Brothers:

Tomorrow: Interviews with some comic creators and a peek at the new Hasbro toys!

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