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Yesterday, Ella, my five-year-old, and I reviewed WHOOSH! screen cleaner. Did you know that your cell phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat? As a Mom who recently went through potty training, I know that is just… yuck! WHOOSH! to the rescue. This screen cleaner promised to not only clean but resist fingerprints with a cool tech nano-coating. Trust me, in our home, there are a ton of little finger prints that needed removing. The cleaner also claimed to shine gadgets using their kid/pet safe non-toxic solution and an anti-microbial cloth.

As the video shows, we cleaned an iPad, a LeapPad, a phone, and even our flat screen TV. Ella was able to shine every surface herself. There was a moment when I wiped off my lap top screen when I thought that the streaking would remain. We are happy to report that they disappeared and the WHOOSH! really worked.


WHOOSH! Clean Blast Photo: WHOOSH.COM

Tech cleanliness has become an important part of our geek family health. Picking up E.coli, staph, or other viruses from a device is a real threat. The folks at WHOOSH! are out to change the way we tackle #techhygiene. There are all sizes from travel to XL available for sale on their site. This Clean Blast would be perfect to clean a keyboard on a laptop. The product is getting tons of attention in the tech community and also won the 2014 Innovation Award.

This Mom who cleans what seems like all day every day is sold. We will be using WHOOSH!on all our devices, screens, and surfaces.

A travel size was provided by WHOOSH! for me to review.

WHOOSH Screen Shine A screen cleaner that not only removes dirt and bacteria from your screens in a safe and non-toxic way (it has no alcohol or ammonia so it’s safe around kids/pets), it also leaves a nano-coating that resists fingerprints! With our phones being up to 10x dirtier than a toilet seat, this is something that anyone with a smartphone will want to check out. 

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