Supergirl Flies to the CW and the Changes That Should Follow

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Dear Greg Berlanti and the executives at the CW,

Well, it took you long enough. But now, Supergirl is joining the FlAarrowverse on the CW where she belonged all along.

And it’s about damn time.

So…since you didn’t ask… here’s what needs to happen in the FlAarrowverse now that the gangs all here.


  1. Supergirl joins the crew on Earth 1. Seriously, this is a must. When she lived on another network it made sense, kinda, for her to live on a different Earth. I think we can all admit that bringing the Multiverse to the Flash fell flat. Now that Supergirl is on the CW, adding her to Earth 1 is a necessity and non-negotiable. While we’re at it, let’s just stop with the Multiverse. It didn’t work.
  2. Supergirl brings Hope. Even when she’s down she believes it will get better. Everyone in National City was basically a zombie and her hope and belief in that hope brought everyone back. She will help Oliver bring hope to the team and Star City, with her eyes closed.
  3. Vixen. There should just be more of her. Really, this has nothing to do with Supergirl moving to the CW. It’s just something I want, really badly. But…with rumors swirling around that the Queen of All Media might not return at all or will have a smaller role to play, as a result of production moving to Vancouver, Supergirl needs a no-nonsense woman to steer her in the right direction. (Sissy just doesn’t do it for me.)  And while we’re at it…bring me Batgirl! I find no need for broody Batman, Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow has broody on lock. But put Supergirl, Batgirl, and Vixen together…BOOM!  Then add in Felicity, Speedy, some Sarah Lance, a dash Iris West and a smidge of Caitlyn, but only a smidge, and we’ll soon all be like “Arrow and Flash who?” Seriously, let the ladies take over for a bit. It’ll work. I promise.
  4. Olicity. There is no question that Oliver and Felicity must get back together. Now that Laurel is gone (R.I.P. Black Canary), Oliver needs Felicity more than ever. Both women acted as his moral compass. Without Laurel to tell Oliver he’s being a broody a-hole, he needs Felicity to keep him on the right path.
  5. Crossovers!! I can not wait for this Justice League in the making to band together and kick some ass. The fall finale crossovers are usually some of the best episodes of the season. Think about it. We know that Felicity and Cisco are magic together. Throw some Winn in there and it’s Geek Nirvana! Hello, I’d watch the three of them all by themselves. And…how amazing is it going to when Supergirl and Oliver meet?? Come on! Make it so!
  6. A musical episode. Okay. Now stay with me here. Traditionally these are not good. I know. The only show to pull off a successful musical episode was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But The FlAarrowverse boasts an insane amount of musical talent. You’ve got Broadway stars Victor Garber, Jesse L. Martin, Jeremy Jordan, John Barrowman, Laura Benanti, and Tom Cavanaugh. Not to mention Glee alums Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist. And if you haven’t heard Carlos Valdes rendition of “Isn’t She Lovely,” I just don’t know what you have been doing with your life.
  7. New plots. As much as I do love Oliver brooding over his past, and Barry trying to save his mother, can we try something else on the wheel of plots next season?
  8. Bonus: A MUSICAL CROSSOVER EPISODE. Pretty please!?



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1 thought on “Supergirl Flies to the CW and the Changes That Should Follow

  1. A musical episode MUST cast Neal Patrick Harris as the Music Meister.

    I agree Supergirl should move over to Earth 1, the trick is how to get the supporting cast over. I’ve always felt including Superman in the Supergirl universe was a mistake, this is an easy way to fix it. Not only do we not have to explain anymore why Superman doesn’t fly in to save the day (and film just his boots when he does and fails), a woman would become top dog in the power department (and we’ll be asking where Supergirl is when poop hits the fan).

    I disagree on Olicity though, that’s always felt forced to me because the fans wanted it.

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