ThinkFun, one-player games, logic games, reasoning games, educational games

Keep Those Kids Busy With ThinkFun’s ‘Back Spin’

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ThinkFun, one-player games, logic games, reasoning games, educational games
Image source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

I don’t know about you guys, but with three kids 8 and under it gets pretty loud around here.

I’m always on the quest to find educational activities that will provide a little bit of silence.  My favorite way to do this is by using one-player games.

That’s where ThinkFun’s Back Spin comes into play.

To say that our little family loves games would be a huge understatement. Games are a regular part of our family routine and I consider them to be a part of our homeschool curriculum. I am constantly on the hunt for educational games to add to our collection. Stratos Spheres definitely fits the bill! It has become an instant classic in our home.

Keep Those Kids Busy with ThinkFun’s ‘Back Spin’

educational games, one player games, logic game, reasoning game
Image source: Caitlin Fitzpatrick Curley

My game-lovin’ family received ThinkFun’s new Back Spin at no cost in exchange for a review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only choose to review products that I would use with my own family and our family loves ThinkFun.

Back Spin: An Award-Winning Game of Double-Sided Fun

Back Spin is a double-sided interactive puzzle for ages 8 and up that will keep kids engaged for long periods of time. Winner of the Oppenheim Award, Back Spin is a double-sided disc filled with multi-colored balls. The goal is to get the balls to their appropriate color-coded slots. In order to do so, players must pay attention to what is happening on both sides of the disc. To illustrate, here is a video of my 8-year-old playing the game:

My three kiddos (ages 8, 6, and 4) love this game! The concept is similar to the Rubik’s Cube, but my children stick with this game longer. They love how interactive it is and the double-sided challenge is reminiscent of Perplexus spheres, another family favorite.

For a fun challenge, time your game. My children are recently obsessed with this stopwatch and they love to time each other to see who can complete Back Spin in the shortest amount of time.

What this mom loves about Back Spin

  • This game requires no explanation. You can play right out of the box and yet it is challenging for children and adults.
  • The game is recommended for ages 8 and up, but my 4- and 6-year-olds love to play too.
  • Back Spin works on those logic and reasoning skills!
  • This game is small and portable. You can pop it in your purse for those moments you find yourself unexpectedly waiting. You can take it on vacation and even play it on the road.

ThinkFun love

Our family plays a lot of games. ThinkFun has yet to disappoint us. The games are well thought out, educational, and, most importantly, fun.

Tell me: What is your family’s favorite ThinkFun game? Share here!

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