Kickstarter Alert : MiaMily Hipster Plus Baby Carrier and Bag in One


I’m a baby-gear aficionado. I read all the articles, can discuss almost any product at length, and adore helping fellow parents find the right stuff for them. As a natural result of this, I can also be a baby-gear hoarder. And nowhere is this more true than with baby carriers.

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I’ve tried K’tans, Mobys, Becos, Ergos, Tulas, Lenny Lambs, ring slings, and probably a few more I can’t recall. The downside to all of them is that you’re still stuck carrying your baby AND a bag. Sometimes I’ll even bring my stroller with me just so I have a place to stick my bag. I ask myself, what’s the point of a nicely balanced carry, distributing your kiddo’s weight evenly across your back, if you’re just going to throw it all off with a diaper bag?

I know. I know. Tulas have that tiny pocket at the waist that holds pretty much zip (my iPhone 6 doesn’t even fit). And Ergos have the pocket that smashes things into your kids back (my son did NOT love it when I’d tuck my keys in there).

So imagine my excitement when I saw the MiaMilly Hipster Plus 3D carrier on Kickstarter. This carrier has an actual pocket that is integrated into the waist belt/seat, fanny-pack style (but, you know, nicer looking).

And it looks like it holds a lot of gear. There’s a big mesh pocket for phones, and the main pouch can fit a lot–a bottle, food pouch, keys, binky, diapers, bib, etc.


The carrier can also be used a bunch of ways–face in, face out, on the hip–each with two straps, one strap, or even no straps. That’s nine total ways, more than any other carrier I’ve tried. And it’s ergonomic for baby (keeping legs in the ideal “M,” or froggy position) and parents (distributing weight evenly across the back) in each of those positions.


Only bringing one piece of equipment with me when I leave the house sounds amazing. I’m so excited to try this out! If you’d like to try one too you can fund their kickstarter here. If you’re not ready to buy yet, follow MiaMily on Facebook here. And look for our full review in a few months!

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