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This work is a derivative of "Shirt System Sewing Pattern" by Jembezmamy, used under CC 3.0 by Sophie Brown
This work is a derivative of “Shirt System Sewing Pattern” by Jembezmamy, used under CC 3.0 by Sophie Brown

I’m always on the look out for badass ladies whose styles I can pull off in my day to day life. As much as I adore Rey, her scavenger garb would get me more than few odd looks on the playground. Jessica Jones is the perfect candidate for everyday casual cosplay. She rocks practical clothing choices I can actually wear while still feeling like I might be out to take down some bad guys rather than just picking my son up from school.

Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones-inspired outfit by Sophie Brown. Photos: fair use, see links below

Neutrals: When you’re a private detective like Jessica Jones, you need to be able to blend into the background and remain unseen, whether from Kilgrave, those you’re being paid to tail, or, in our case, that PTA mom who wants you to help out at the next bake sale. Bright, vibrant colors are your enemy, so stick to subtle neutrals: black, white, grey, and brown.

Layers: Jessica spends hours at a time sat outdoors, waiting for her target to make a move, or at least do something worth photographing. She needs to stay warm so wearing layers is a great plan as it means she can add or remove them as the temperature changes. This is also useful if you’ll be spending hours sat on a freezing park bench watching your kids.

Coat: Jessica’s go-to outerwear is a biker-style leather jacket that really adds to her don’t-mess-with-me rock chick style. On colder days she swaps it out for a longer, zip-up wool coat (naturally also in black), and we occasionally spot her in a military jacket. All three are great practical choices, and the darker shades make them good for hiding greasy finger stains.

Boots: Flimsy ballet pumps and spindly high heels are no use when you’re trying to outrun Kilgrave, follow a mark down dirty back alleys, or chase your child who’s making a run for it out of the supermarket. Jessica Jones sticks with chunky boots with thick soles, perfect for all environments.

Camera: You never know what you will catch your targets/kids getting up to, so make sure you always have your camera at hand. A camera as an accessory makes this a great casual cosplay for when you’re out and about visiting new places, or at cons if you’re hoping to spend time photographing other attendees.

Bag: Jessica never knows what evidence she might end up uncovering, so she always has a large bag with her to transport it safely home. Her bag also provides ample space for storing her camera and any spare equipment she might need, but it would be just as useful for toting around baby wipes, snacks, and any of the millions of other items moms have to lug around every time they leave the house.

Makeup: Finally, Jessica’s eyes are what really defines her make-up style. She wears a very subtle lipstick paired with smokey eyes, thick black eyeliner, and heavy eyebrows. This is a great look to disguise the fact that you were up all night drinking whiskey with your ex-junkie neighbour, or maybe trying to convince your toddler that 3am is not playtime.

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