‘Wonder Woman at Super Hero High’ is Super for Tweens

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DC Super Hero Girls continues its path to superhero-stardom with the release of a new middle grade book series. Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, written by Lisa Yee, is out today for readers ages 8-12 years.

The novel is a look at a high school with an all-star lineup of superhero students, but the characters are so relatable that readers of any age don’t need superpowers themselves to identify with them.

© DC Comics
© Random House Kids / DC Comics

As you can guess from the title, Wonder Woman is the star of the novel, even though she’s a character that many might not consider easy to identify with. After all, she’s a warrior princess, originally formed out of clay, who grew up on the untouched-by-man utopia of Paradise Island.

But Yee does a great job of throwing obstacles at the inexperienced Amazon that young readers can identify with: Unwanted attention on social media, bullying, and parental pressure to succeed in school.

This is the book’s greatest strength; even though Wonder Woman is a superhero, she uses conventional methods to deal with these stresses. Parents and mentors are talked to when needed, and Wonder Woman learns important lessons for her own well-being (like never read the comments).

If your kids are already fans of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, much of the novel will feel familiar. The short plots from the quick episodes are pieced together into one complete story of Wonder Woman’s first year, making it easy for young readers to picture characters they’re already familiar with in their imaginations.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics

For those who have watched the online episodes, this novel answers a few questions they (or you) probably had, like, where are the villains? Where are Supergirl and Batgirl? And Superman, for that matter? And, without spoiling too much, we do get a few scenes with someone who I know many comic fans would love to see in Super Hero Girl form: Lois Lane.

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High is a fantastic way to get tween readers acquainted with the heroes and villains of the DC universe. Pick it up today if they’re already fans of the web series.

GeekMom received a promotional copy for review purposes.

Top image courtesy © Random House Kids / DC Comics

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