Sit or Stand: With the Varidesk Pro Desk 54, It’s Up To You

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I sit at a desk around 40+ hours per week at my office. My old desk was nothing more than a six-foot table that was not wide enough for me to stretch my long legs and not tall enough for me to sit ergonomically.

For the past four weeks, I’ve been using a Varidesk Pro Desk 54 and I love it.

The Varidesk Pro Desk 54 has the largest surface area of all the Varidesks at 54-inches wide and 32 inches deep and can accommodate multiple monitors and a laptop.

It shipped in two big and heavy boxes, but upon opening them, it only took a few screws, 20 minutes, and a second person to help me put it in place.

The Varidesk Pro Desk 54 in the wild (pardon the mess).  Image: Dakster Sullivan
The Varidesk Pro Desk 54 in the wild (pardon the mess). Image: Dakster Sullivan

After I put all my geekery on my desk, I decided to take it for a sitting to standing position test run.

For the most part, it went smoothly. I realized some of my wires weren’t long enough and would need extensions, but other than that, nothing moved. It took a bit of force to go back to a sitting position, but after a few practice runs, I figured out my footing and it was smooth sailing.

My favorite feature is the ability to put the desk at virtually any height between its lowest point (28 inches) and highest point (42 inches). I use a drafting chair, so it sits a bit higher than a regular chair and the ability to adjust the desk to my chair height is a major plus.

Like most things these days, the desk has an app that reminds you when you’ve been sitting too long. You can adjust the default recommended times to suit your needs and while I don’t always do what the app says, I appreciate the reminder.

As an IT professional, this desk is a breath of fresh air for me when I need a break but can’t leave my workspace.

From a design standpoint, it’s very clean and easily fits in with the decor around my office.

Material-wise, the top part of the desk is made of wood with a synthetic overlay. It doesn’t feel cheap and easily holds up to the weight and pressure I put it under. Everything below the main surface is metal and, once in place, it takes two people to move it again.

The only downside I can see for this particular model are the holes in the side that allow you to move it up and down. I’ve had to cover them up when I’m sitting so I don’t accidentally put my drink or snacks through the hole and onto my floor.  Seeing as they are there to help you raise and lower the desk, I consider them a necessary evil.

The surface texture is a little bumpy when writing on it, but it’s not something I would call a deal breaker. I only notice the texture when I’m writing. I’ve cleaned my desk with alcohol, Lysol wipes, and water with no loss of color or long-standing smell/stickiness.

The Varidesk Pro Desk 54 is available through Varidesk and will run you $500 plus shipping and handling.

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