Dyson V6 Slim Cordless Vacuum is Perfect for Quick Clean-Ups

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Image: Dyson

There are few things in life less glamorous than vacuuming. Cleaning the bathroom and ironing shirts are both up there, but vacuuming is definitely high on the list. That’s because it’s never-ending and tiresome. Hauling out a huge vacuum is a pain and when you have kids, there’s constantly stuff that needs to be cleaned. The Dyson V6 Slim is a cordless vacuum with all the power of the big ones in compact form.

Let me go on record saying I hate housework. I keep a very tidy home, which is why I hate housework so much. There’s always something in need of tidying. I no sooner vacuum the floor than the entire thing is a mess again. It’s like there’s an invisible version of Pig-Pen from Peanuts and he’s lurking in my house. It drives me crazy.

I have a very nice upright vacuum. It is a Kirby and it cost me a small fortune many years ago. It works, but it weighs a ton and I hate dragging it around the house. The Dyson V6 Slim takes care of that problem by being a lightweight 8.25 pounds. It’s easy to carry up and down stairs and even the kids can use this thing. That right there is enough to make it worth the price.

There’s a motor that spins at up to 110,000 rpm, which is three times faster than a conventional vacuum motor to generate plenty of suction. The main body is where the motor is housed, along with a clear bin that collects debris. There’s a long, hard tube that extends out from the motor and two different attachments.

You can opt for a bristle head attachment or a narrow nozzle that has a brush or hard end, depending on what you’re trying to clean. You can also lose the hard tube and connect the attachments directly to the motor. This makes it compact and perfect for cleaning up in the car.

Image: Dyson
Image: Dyson

The vacuum worked well and that bristle head picked up dirt better than my pricey Kirby. I vacuumed once with the Kirby and once with the Dyson V6 Slim and was amazed by how much dust it still sucked up.

Emptying the clear bin is easy. You just hold it over the trash and push a little red button. Since it’s clear, it’s easy to see when it’s full. No trying to figure out if a bag is full or if a hidden receptacle is about to overflow.

The Dyson V6 Slim cleaned my home beautifully. It is lightweight and easy to pull out for quick clean-ups, but there were a few drawbacks. It gets warm and you’ll feel the heat in the trigger after a few minutes. You also have to keep that trigger pressed the whole time. This helps conserve the battery, but it is tiresome. Lastly, it only runs for about 15 minutes per charge. It’s not for whole-house cleaning, but for quick clean-ups.

The vacuum comes with a charging unit that can be screwed directly into the wall. It holds the accessories and is an easy way to store your vacuum when not in use. I didn’t think I needed a vacuum like this, but now that I have one, I wonder how I managed without one for so long.

The Dyson V6 Slim is available for $259.99 through Walmart. It’s not a cheap vacuum, but it is worth the price for its convenience, versatility, and cleaning power.

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