‘Game Shakers’: A New Show About Girl Game Developers

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Image credit: Nick.com

This Saturday, the first episode of Game Shakers premieres on Nickelodeon. The show features two 12-year-old-girls who start their own gaming company, beginning with an app called Sky Whale. To add to the fun, Nickelodeon plans to release all of the games seen on the show. Sky Whale (iOS and Android) was released last Thursday, and I’ve been playing it ever since.

Really, how can you resist the lure of a flying narwhal in red high heels and a snorkel eating donuts and achieving things like “Double Money Monkey Toilet” and “Double Sushi Pig Nose?”

When you hit a cheeseburger in the game, it announces, “Welcome to Good Burger!” That’s because Game Shakers stars Kel Mitchell, of the “Good Burger” sketch in the series All That, which became its own movie in 1997.

The two-episode premiere will include other familiar guest stars, including Victorious’ Matt Bennett and Yvette Nicole Brown (Robbie Shapiro and Helen Dubois).

If the show turns out to be half as fun as the game, I won’t mind a bit when my kids won’t stop watching it.

Game Shakers premieres on Saturday, September 12 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon. Meanwhile, check out the trailer:

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