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Who else noticed Google’s new logo that appeared on September 1st? Cute, isn’t it?

Being the curious geek I am, I took some time this morning to Google [like what I did there?] why Google chose to update its logo. The Google Blog has a story that’s written in propaganda-ese regaling the new logo as a “sign of the times,” indicating that the new sans serif design will work better with mobile platforms and will transition to the “Ok Google” microphone feature and bouncing dot icons more easily.

The Verge provides a more objective view, suggesting that the new logo is meant to align Google’s “design language” with that of its parent company, Alphabet.

With my curiosity assuaged, I moved my attention on the Google Blog to the YouTube video that accompanied the blog post. Titled, “Google, evolved [sic],” the video takes viewers through a journey from the first appearances of the search engine in the late 1990s through the more evolved internet search experience we have today: the auto-complete, the mobile platforms, the Android OS, and even the smartphone dashboard that “answers the questions you haven’t asked yet.” The video was very interesting to me, featuring the trip from a (relatively) primitive existence to a Skynet-like integration into everything we do.

Check out the video here. Let us know what you think!

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