Ten Moonstruck Piglets by Lindsay Lee Johnson

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Ten Moonstruck Piglets tells the story of a family of piglets who sneak out to play under the full moon. With names ranging from Chico to Mia to Bam, each piglet has it’s own personality. Just like little children who are fascinated by the moon, the little piglets sneak out of the house to cavort in the moonlight. They have a wonderful time until the moon disappears behind a cloud and mama pig comes to rescue them from the dark. The text rhymes nicely as well as including words to help expand your child’s vocabulary such as cavort, plunder, and caper. My almost seven year old enjoyed this book and learned a few new words in the process. She was mainly able to read it on her own with a little help. Ten Moonstruck Piglets is the perfect book to remind us that animals enjoy the full moon too. No doubt these piglets would have enjoyed the super moon we had on March 19th.

As an aside, the publisher states that this story is based on real life in that baby pigs will play during a waxing moon. Having grown up in the city, I have never heard of this and a Google search turned up nothing. {gasp!} Do any GeekMoms have any experience or knowledge of cavorting piglets?

A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review.

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