‘The Happiest Book Ever’ Puts Anytime Sunshine in Your Hands

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Fall brings not only crisp colorful afternoons, but also a few gloomy days–or quite a few gloomy days, if you live in Seattle like we do. If your family’s days are in need of a little bit of sunshine, you can always find it in the pages of Bob Shea’s The Happiest Book Ever. (And I think we could all use a little more sunshine right now!)

The Happiest Book EverThis book is determined to be the happiest book ever. To make every page cheerful and sunny, he invites some of his friends to join him: Dancing cake! A candy parade! Sunspot naptime kitties! (How can you see that kitty above and not feel warm and fuzzy?)

But there’s one friend that’s making the book frown: a frowny, grey-green frog. No matter what the book does, that frog just doesn’t look or act like the other joyful characters dancing across the pages. When the book tries to get rid of the frog because it doesn’t fit in, can this still be the happiest book ever?

Bob Shea is one of the funniest children’s book writers right now. You’ve likely read many “roars” out loud yourself thanks to his hilarious Dinosaur vs. books, and Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great is guaranteed to make any kid laugh. In The Happiest Book Ever, his combination of humor with a subtle lesson about inclusivity showcases how talented he is, and why my family will always pick up his latest book with no hesitation.

The Happiest Book Ever lives up to its name, with whimsical and unique characters (a sun with a new haircut!), jokes in the back of the book, interactive text, and some surprise characters hiding inside the book jacket. Pick it up if you could use a little boost of happiness now and then.

GeekMom received a promotional copy for review purposes.

All images © Bob Shea / Disney Hyperion

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