A Girl and The “Apple Demon” – My First MacBook Pro

The Apple Demon. Image: Dakster Sullivan
The Apple Demon. Image: Dakster Sullivan

This is a story about a girl name Dakster and her adventure into Apple Land.

Dakster loved Windows computers more than anything. They’re shiny. They’re easy to use. And if they break, her degree in Computer Engineering and day job as a Network Administrator gave her the skills to either fix it or turn it into a toaster.

She can take a computer apart, put it back together, and get it working again quicker than most people can take apart a pen and put it back in working condition. She’s tamed servers, copiers, laptops, and desktop PCs with her mad computer skills that she’s obtained over her 15 years of working with Windows computers.

Then one day, Dakster received a box in the mail from her school. Inside was a laptop with a glowing apple on the back. Intrigued by the shininess of it, she opened it up and began to explore.

15 minutes after the initial setup, she felt like Bambi.

And after clicking her heels and saying, “There’s no computer like a PC. There’s no computer like a PC,” she found herself disappointingly still in Apple land.

“How cruel is it for someone to package something that is so evil up in such a shiny and appealing package?” she thought.

While looking in the garage for a shovel to bury the Apple demon in the backyard, one of her friends stopped by to say hi. Upon seeing her with a shovel and the Apple demon in her hand they yelled,

“Have no fear! I can help bring you into the light.”

After a few days, Dakster was moving around slightly more than Bambi, but not yet quite as stable as she had been on her Windows laptop.

A few days after that, she was getting confused going back and forth from the Apple demon to her Windows PC at work. She was being assimilated and resistance was futile.

Borg Image flickr user Paulekert some rights reserved (attribution and cannot be sold)
Borg Image Flickr user Paulekert, some rights reserved (attribution and cannot be sold)

Now, Dakster is friends with the Apple demon and willingly uses it with the help of a few friends, her Windows mouse, and a bottle of Tylenol.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Dakster needs your help!

When it comes to Windows apps and programs, in her 10+ years of experience she’s gathered quite the list of personal favorites of things she likes. When it comes to her Apple demon, on the other hand, she’s lost.

What apps/software do you recommend she explore? Do you have any tips on what she can do to make the transition easier? Do you have any advice on how to get her iPhone and iPad to play nicely with it?

Let her know in the comments. You could be what saves her from a migraine and the Apple demon from getting a tombstone in the backyard.

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