Add ‘Batman Science’ to Your Kid’s Summer Reading Pile

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© Capstone Publishing
Batman Science (Classroom Edition) © DC Comics / Capstone

Your kids might be in the middle of their summer reading challenge or program and wondering, “What should I read next?” I recently happened upon the perfect book to add to the book pile this summer, aimed at kids who love science and/or comic books: Batman Science from Capstone Publishing and DC Comics.

© DC Comics / Capstone
© DC Comics / Capstone

Have you ever seen a batarang fly through the air or Batman fly up the side of a building with his grappling gun and wonder, “Could that really happen?” Batman Science tackles that question for all of the Dark Knight’s signature moves and equipment with clear, concise information. Although the title touts science, most of the topics are overviews of engineering topics worded for late elementary age kids.

Topics range from the Batsuit and utility belt to the various Bat vehicles. You and your kids might be surprised at how much of Batman’s fictional weapons and equipment have a basis in real-world science and engineering. There’s a heavy emphasis on real-world law enforcement and military equipment and tactics, as most of Batman’s arsenal is based on the same type of technology and methods.

Authors Tammy Enz and Agnieszka Biskup did a fantastic job of splitting up engineering topics into bite-sized chunks of information ideal for kids’ attention spans. You’ll find yourself picking up the easy-to-read book from time to time to skim over interesting topics, from how Kevlar is made to concept cars like BMW’s GINA that can change its shape like the Batmobile.

Batman Science is available now in paperback, a fantastic way to get kids who love superheroes interested in the amazing engineering in the real world.

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