Kevin Bacon and… Well, Eggs.

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Okay, I’ll say it. I’m a fan of Kevin Bacon. I love the band he’s in with his brother and several other really talented guys (The Bacon Brothers Band). A few years ago the whole band signed my prosthetic leg and I’ve cherished it ever since. So when his name popped up on my Facebook feed, I bit.

It seems that Mr. Bacon has once again embraced the puns that surround his name. He’s a good sport about all the pig and pig product-themed gifts his friends and family continue to give him, and when the Egg Council came sniffing around for the perfect celebrity representative, Kevin signed on.

The television commercial (here is the long version) is being released alongside a print ad of the campaign, all of them making a play on the actor’s name. Here is a funny behind the scenes cut. You can see the clever print ad here.

In the commercial, a woman is making eggs for breakfast and turns around to find Mr. Bacon lounging on her kitchen counter. He tells her how nutritious eggs are, even playing around with the phrase “6 degrees.”  After he sniffs the plate of eggs and says he loves the smell of eggs, she does some sniffing of her own and announces she loves the smell of… bacon.

It’s very clever, and I think even works to sell the product it’s designed to promote. I’m suddenly finding myself craving a certain breakfast food.

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