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Pin It Cosplay
Image: Dakster Sullivan

Welcome to the first in our new series, Pin It! Here we will discuss our favorite boards, pins, and pinners in the world of Pinterest.  To some, Pinterest is the “black hole of project making” but for a cosplayer it’s becoming a holy grail of information.

For those of you not in the know, Pinterest is a giant internet cork board where you can “pin” your favorite things. I have a board for just about everything including food I want to try out, sewing projects for when I have free time, comic books I enjoy, cosplay tutorials, holiday ideas, and more. It’s a great place to find ideas, daydream about things I’d like to do one day, and just waste time in general.

Cosplayers should be warned that once you get started, you will never run out of projects to spend your time on. On the upside, you can find some very useful hacks and tutorials for any project.

It’s easy to get lost in the ever-growing mass of information that you can find on Pinterest so organization is key.

My advice is to have a board for projects you are working on, a board for projects you dream about, and a board for tutorials you think will be useful. That’s just to start with. You can go crazy with the boards later. For now, stick with the basics.

To get you started, here are some boards you should consider following:

Cosplay Tutorials:
Me! – Cosplay – <shameless self-promotion here> I waste a lot of time on the internet pinning things I like and things I think others will find useful in the cosplay world.
Aidan Bailey – Cosplay Tutorials – Some great tutorials on here.
GeekMom – Clothing and Cosplay – Our lovely ladies, myself included, pack this board with loads of stuff that’s worthy of a look.
The Prop Replica Forum – All boards! – Tons of stuff from amazing cosplayers and prop builders.
Sarah Neko – Cosplay – Nice range of tutorials and information. 
Luminous Lacquer – Cosplay Tutorial – A nice mix of armor, wigs, purchasing tips, and more.

Cosplay Makeup:
Quick Draw McGraw – Cosplay Makeup – There’s a nice balance of everything in the makeup world on this board. My favorite is pin showing the transition from ordinary man to The Joker
Demona – Cosplay Makeup – This board is less prosthetics and more natural makeup including how to tame your eyes, give yourself a powder-done mermaid look, and making lipstick to matches your character. 
Karen Smith-Bryant – Cosplay & Makeup
 – There’s more than just makeup on this board, but the makeup tutorials are what make me want to follow it. 

Gender-bend cosplay:
Mrs.DeGoey – Amazing Gender-bend Cosplay – Sometimes the most fun part of cosplaying is portraying a character who is the opposite sex or race as you. Check out this board for some great ideas.
Joseph White – Rule 63 Cosplay – Nice mix of men and women on this board.
Tessa Kolva – Gender Bend and Costumes – Ideas and art for gender-bend cosplay.
Vanessa254 – Supernatural Gender Bend – Supernatural gender bending cosplay.

Cosplay Photography:
Tess Gordon – Cosplay Photography – There’s a lot of anime stuff here, but even if you are not into that genre, look at the photos for ideas for your next shoot.
Big Mike – Cosplay Photography – This board has a nice range of work from children to adults.
Jene Harrison – Cosplay Photography – Very nice work posted on this board.
Andrei G Photography – Cosplay Photography Ideas – A ton of ideas for poses.
Nancy Murphy – Cosplay Photography – There isn’t much on this board, but it’s still worth checking out.
Rachael Kruithof – Costume Photography – Lovely ideas pinned here.

Do you follow any really cool boards or have a pin that you are particularly fond of? Let us know in the comments!

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