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Tiggly gives a whole new meaning to “hands-on learning” with their new Tiggly Counts toys, designed to interact with their three educational math-based apps for the iPhone and iPad. The Tiggly Counts counting toys get kids aged 3 and up engaged in a unique way with the screen by counting, adding, and playing with friendly characters.

Tiggly Counts comes with five colorful counting toys that are placed on the iPad screen to supplement learning math and number concepts. The toys, inspired by Cuisenaire rods used in Montessori, encourage hand-eye coordination and quick thinking. Three free companion apps, Tiggly Cardtoons, Tiggly Chef, and Tiggly Addventure, use fun characters and bright colors to get kids interested and engaged.

Tiggly ChefWe had a lot of trouble with using the toys with the iPad Mini, resulting in some frustration from my five-year-old, but when we switched to the full-sized iPad, things went much more smoothly. The toys must be pressed on the screen firmly to get it to work consistently with the app. My daughter enjoyed the apps so much, though, that she often plays both modes, with and without the counting toys.

Tiggly Chef is her clear favorite of the three games. With a title character full of personality and wacky concoctions in the kitchen, my five-year-old giggles every time a new creation is unveiled. The math concepts are age-appropriate, and she even learned to recognize a new food or two. (Apparently she never knew what garlic looked like unpeeled.) It’s the finished meals that keep her playing, though. “I wonder what he’s making!” she exclaims every time she starts cooking.

Tiggly Cardtoons, while adorably creative, seems better suited to younger kids who are practicing their early counting skills. Tiggly Addventure is probably best for kids 4 and up, with the challenge of completing number lines in the correct sequence. Both apps are fun, but Tiggly Chef keeps my five-year-old going back for seconds.

Tiggly Counts are a great set of toys for adding a new dimension to your typical iPad educational games. Priced at $29.95, it’s not a cheap stocking stuffer, but is a unique option this holiday season for young kids who would enjoy a new way to play with the iPad.

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