Do Not Emulate The Lifestyle of This Hit Movie!

I’m very concerned. There’s a movie that hit big this past weekend and it’s sending a horrible message about the proper way adults behave with each other. Our young people have to know this isn’t real, that in real-life this would be a bad relationship, and if someone tries to recruit them for something like this, they should run screaming for the exit.

We cannot glorify this kind of thing.

I’m speaking, of course, of the indoctrination of young people into the cult of glorified violence personified by Kingsman: The Secret Service.

This is just a completely unrealistic depiction of spies.
This is a wrong and unrealistic depiction of spies. Do not get distracted by the Firth!  Image via 20th Century Fox.

Yes, we know Colin Firth is seductively attractive. And we know getting his approval sounds important in the movie. And we know that he offers the main character a lifestyle that young men (and at least one young woman) can only dream about.

But these impressionable young people have to learn: This is not real life.

This movie glorifies a relationship in which an impressionable young man is recruited into a lifestyle that is harmful to himself and others. In real life, they must know that it’s horrifying and scary to have to kill people. In real life, our young men must be taught that it’s unrealistic to expect that none of those bullets will hit you.

And, in real life, well, they have to be given the information about how harmful those weapons could be untrained hands.

No, in real life, these toys can be dangerous! Especially the umbrellas.
No, in real life, these toys can be dangerous! Especially the umbrellas. Image via 20th Century Fox.

I know ballistics experts who will testify exactly how unrealistic the gunplay is in Kingsman and how the way those bullets behave violates the laws of physics. There are real-life spies who will testify that this movie bears no relation to how spies operate in the real world.

We must get the word out and protect our youngsters from movies like this so they know what’s acceptable and what’s unacceptable.

What will happen if there actually is a suave, smart, resourceful secret agent out there who may actually try to involve our sons (and maybe our daughters?) in such an unequal mentor/student relationship?

What will happen if our young men fall into a relationship where they don’t feel comfortable saying “no” to killing people with umbrellas?

They’ll be corrupted and in danger.

We must stop this.

Who’s with me?

Sign my petition at and end this glorification!

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