Crupcakes? I Know What I’m Baking Today!

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Crupcake, Image: Dude Foods
Crupcake, Image: Dude Foods

I have a thing for cupcakes. I adore them and it has nothing to do with the cupcake craze that everyone says is totally over. It will never be over for me. Even the recent demise of Crumbs (moment of silence) will not end my love affair with this little morsel of all that is right with the world in one bite. So when I saw news that someone had created something called a crupcake, I was intrigued.

What is a crupcake? It’s part cupcake, part croissant. I know, right?! How can these two things not go well together and why didn’t someone think of doing this sooner? I think the answer is that we were all too busy focusing on that potato salad kickstarter to focus on important stuff like crupcakes.

The idea belongs to one Nick Chipman over at Dude Foods who has a website full of weird, amazing, and potentially delicious foods. Although, the deviled ostrich eggs just kind of freak me out and make me feel like I’ve just walked into a scene from Alice in Wonderland. I’m shrinking!

Crupcake, Image: Dude Foods
Crupcake, Image: Dude Foods

But, I digress. Crupcakes. Nick made these by putting some croissant dough on the bottom of a traditional cupcake wrapper and baking them for a bit before adding standard cupcake batter. You can see by the cross-section that you get two delicious treats in one.

Seeing as it’s summer and the kids are home and very often looking for something to do, I believe I may have found today’s something. It’s not even a particularly complex process, so I think I can actually pull this one off and impress the heck out of my kids. Or, just put them in a sugar coma, which is just as good.

Either way, any variation of cupcakes is destined to be delicious, so off I go to the grocery story to pick up the necessary supplies. Let them eat crupcakes!

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