RedBubble: It Gives Your Art Wings

I love to plan parties for my kids. Conveniently, the baby was born just six days after his sister’s birthday so we are planning a joint birthday this year. I have been scouring the web for Princess Leia and Wookie items since their birthdays are right around the corner. In April. Yes April. That gives me a mere 6 months to pull it all together and given that I have a rather demanding little man, it may just take me that long.

As I was searching the web I came across a neat little site called RedBubble. RedBubble is a community site that allows artists to upload their art and sell it to the Internet masses. The artist supplies the digital file and the site takes care of manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. You can purchase everything from cards and stickers to t shirts and onesies. They even have posters and high quality canvas available to have your selected print put on.

There are so many unique and creative designs on this site it makes your head spin, in a good way. I found about 50 new shirts that need to come and live with me. So get your Geek on and check it out.

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