10 DC Comics Board Books to Make You a Baby Shower Super Hero

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Wonder Woman ABCs
Wonder Woman ABCs. All images © DC Comics / Capstone Publishing

Your favorite DC Comics super heroes can stand up to the Joker, Lex Luthor, and now your toddler’s front teeth with these colorful board books from Capstone Publishing. Not only are these board books great for your own geeklings, you’ll be the hero of your BFF’s baby shower when you arrive with the perfect present.

With 10 sturdy, vibrant board books to choose from, you can find a super story for a baby or toddler that teaches letters, numbers, and words alongside a smiling super hero. Yes, even Batman wears a perpetual smirk. And with words and sentences that a budding reader can work through with your help, these books can have a long shelf life through preschool and kindergarten.

DC Board Books

Baby board books that teach colors, numbers, shapes, and ABCs are standard fare, but can you think of another shape book that includes a bat? Superman Colors, Catwoman Counting, Batman Shapes, and Wonder Woman ABCs are filled with DC Comics’ most famous characters drawn in the Bruce Timm style. Rather than just a list of words, each book is written as a story, which works well to introduce new words to babies and toddlers while they’re learning the basics.

DC Board Books

If you’re looking for even more new vocabulary to show to your baby, these “word adventures” are just what you need. Superman – A Word Adventure and Wonder Woman – A Word Adventure take on look of the cutesy DC Super Friends to introduce new words to the littlest of listeners.

DC Board Books

Superman Fights for Truth and Superman to the Rescue feature the Man of Steel in action. The stories are simple and silly, certain to appeal to the short attention span of toddlers. Don’t expect any epic battles with Brainiac or Doomsday in these adventures; Supes is on the hunt for a banana thief in one age-appropriate story.

Batman & Robin Team Up! and Batman is Brave! do mention the Joker and show the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery, but the Animated Series-style illustrations shouldn’t scare your toddler or young reader. Like the Superman books, the stories are age-appropriate. It’s too bad Wonder Woman doesn’t get her own tales of heroics, but it’s always a joy to see Batman and Robin work together with a sense of fun.

These DC Comics board books cover prices range from $5.99 to $7.99 and are available now at your favorite bookstores.

GeekMom received promotional copies for review purposes.

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  1. These books are going to be one of the cutest gifts for the newborns. This is also perfect if the baby shower is a bookish theme. Books are great gifts because they are the tools that will teach us everything we need to learn. Reading is such a good hobby for children.

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