Letting My Geek Flag Fly

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My “regular” life doesn’t give me much time to indulge in my geeky interests. I edit books, feed chickens and cows, write articles, attend meetings, spend too much time on the interwebz, run errands, interact with the kids I’ve spawned, make dinner, and at the end of each day try to spend a some conscious moments with my spouse.

But I have an outlet.


Despite the pesky time constraints of real life, my geeky interests have actually expanded now that I belong to this lively community of GeekMom writers and readers. Every single morning, GeekMom posts give me trends and ideas to explore, projects to do, books to read, adventures to follow, people to admire, and much much more. I’m endlessly grateful to the ridiculously smart, wildly diverse women who write for GeekMom. They feed my brainpan epic stuff.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being a GeekMom writer almost back to the inaugural pageview. My first post was about making veggie-laden popsicles and I keep writing with a maniacal this-is-my-time glint in my eye. My various geeky obsessions head in all sorts of directions, but the 200-something pieces I’ve posted on GeekMom don’t follow any pattern.

Every day GeekMom demonstrates that fostering our own passions requires us to value them. Give them a little space. Hoist up our geek flags and let them fly. This works in my life. And since I see my own four geeklets pursue interests even more obscure than mine I’m pretty sure it works for the next oddly interesting generation too. Yay for GeekMom!


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