Doctor Who Season 8 Teaser: Am I a Good Man?

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Season Eight is coming! On August 23rd Whovians around the globe will unite in watching Peter Capaldi take to our screens as the Twelfth Doctor. In a nod to its fervent and extensive fan base, the show will air on August 23 in the UK on BBC1, and in the USA on BBCAmerica. There’s no need for a time machine to keep up with this one.

The fifteen second teaser doesn’t give us much, just a few lines, a shadow, a glance at Clara. Oh, but there’s so much in those fifteen seconds. The lilt in the voice reminiscent of Tom Baker, the questioning of the companion calling to mind a darker Doctor, the deep brooding eyes. I’ve watched it a half dozen times in the past fifteen minutes, don’t judge me!

Stephen Moffat hinted at some rather deep change, during an appearance at the Hay Festival in the UK.”We haven’t made much of change to Doctor Who since it came back in 2005… I just felt it needs to be a bit more different now. It’s needs to be surprising again!”

For my mind, what happens when you give a little ‘g’ god, the lifespan of a big ‘G’ God? Freed from the last constraint of the Time Lords, limited regenerations, what will such scope do to the ego of the good Doctor? We know what the Master did in pursuit of such a thing, what will the Doctor do now he has attained it?

The first episode is called “Deep Breath” and will be feature length. Though I’m not entirely sure what the BBC considers feature length these days.

Breathe it in, just breathe it in.

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