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blog-review-sample-imageUsually I browse online for books and put them in wish lists, anticipating the next time I can justify purchasing a virtual stack of books at once.

But since signing up for a Scribd subscription, I don’t have to wait.
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I can put them in my library and read them instantly without having to purchase each book. And since my tastes range all over the place, my summer reading list on Scribd is eclectic. Below is my list.

You can come up with your own summer reading list too, as Scribd is offering a FREE three-month subscription exclusively to GeekMom readers.

To get your free three-month trial go to Scribd’s special GeekMom link and use the code: geekmom0614 

This is what I’m looking forward to reading:

HellBender By Laurie R. King

This short science fiction private detective story was self-published via Smashwords. I love King’s Sherlock Holmes/Mary Russell so I’ve devoured this already. This is an almost perfect story in a world where genetic tampering has resulted in more than a few changes. It begins with the classic set-up of a client walking into the detective’s office and rolls on from there.

The Vikings by Robert Wernick

I’ve been hooked on the History Channel’s Vikings series and this book starts in essentially the same place, with the raid on an English monastery. I checked out the first chapter and now I’m sure this book will hold me until the show comes back.

 Manga for Dummies by Kensuke Okabayashi

Scribd has many of the “for Dummies” series and this one was the pick of my youngest son, a voracious manga reader. He pronounced it good but said it would be best for a beginner to the genre, i.e. me. Which means I’ll finally get a crash course in what still confuses me about manga, which is Japanese for comics.

 Beloved Enemy by Janet Miller

I’d never read one of Miller’s books though I’ve met her a few times in person, so I put this Science Fiction romance on my list right away. It’s the classic setup of two enemy pilots stranded together on an untouched world. Happily, there are quite a few more Janet Miller books on Scribd so I expect to get my SF Romance fix all summer.

 Last Romanov by Dora Levy Mussanen

Historical fiction is another of my favorite genres and this story weaves the facts of the death of the Romanovs after the Russian Revolution with the fictional story of a woman who was almost part of the family.

 The Men Who Would Be King: The Courtships of Queen Elizabeth I by Josephine Ross

How could Elizabeth, the first female monarch of England, not only survive in a tumultuous era but thrive? While she did it on her own, there were plenty who wanted her to share the burden and power of the throne with them. Yes, I’ve watched Helen Mirren in HBO’s Elizabeth. I’m looking forward to more in-depth portraits of her men, especially Robert Dudley.

 The Sea Wolf by Jack London

It’s been years since I read this tale of a sea captain who’s so tough that he might even be a proto-superhero. Along with White Fang, this is one of my favorite London stories.

So what’s going on your list?

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2 thoughts on “Scribd: A Summer Library at Your Fingertips For Free

  1. Thanks! My geek kid is always running out of books. She has a Kindle Paperwhite, so this won’t work for that, but maybe she can read on the computer or handed down iPhone. One thing though, the time period given was 60 days, not 3 months. Still great.

    1. What I really like is that it duplicates the browsing experience of a library and when I’m interested, I can put the book aside to flip through pages and see if I like it.

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