Fund This! Geek Illustrated Cookbooks, Inked Geek Shirts, and Interstitial Art!

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This edition of Fund This features a geek cookbook, geek ink shirts, and art that pushes the boundaries! This month I was really attracted to campaigns that were taking fandom or known genres and pushing them into new and fun contexts. I wanted to see campaigns that were about pleasure and enjoyment, and I think I have found some great examples. Happy Funding!

Photo courtesy of the Interstitial Arts Foundation

Interfictions Online The Interstitial Arts Foundation is raising funds to create an online home for their artists. In case you are unfamiliar, Interstitial Art includes those media and projects that fall outside the accepted standards or boundaries of acknowledged genres. They push the limits of what is expected and/or possible. Funds raised will go towards building two new online issues, paying the artists a fair wage for their work, and maintaining the online anthology free to the public. Interfictions Online is an amazing resource for cutting edge ideas brought to life, and as an artist myself it is one of the places I go for inspiration and aspiration. I look forward to seeing their next issue!

Image courtesy of the Inked Geek Kickstarter

Inked Geek Shirts I am a Geek. I have tattoos. I must have at least one of these shirts, thank you very much. There are only a few days left on this campaign and it is fully funded, but I could not leave it out in case any of our geeky readers wanted in on the action! I have included a picture of my favorite design above, but they also have Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Star Trek represented.

kitchen overlord
Image courtesy of Kitchen Overlord

Kitchen Overlord‘s Illustrated Geek Cookbook From the popular Kitchen Overlord blog comes a fully illustrated cookbook featuring their most popular recipes, and some new exclusive ones too, accompanied by the fandom characters that inspired them. Besides being a very cool and very beautiful ode to food, comics, and culture, the book covers over 120 years of Geek culture, and I am pretty sure my family would beg me for a recipe a day from their favorites. Of course, the book is the primary reward, but if you want to kick out a little more dough (see what I did there?), you can actually have them design a recipe based on your favorite fandom with an acknowledgement. I would love to see what she could do with my family’s requests!

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