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Recess Monkey features Drew Holloway on vocals and guitar, Korum Bischoff on drums, and Jack Forman on bass and vocals. Photo: Kevin Fry.

Sometimes, children’s music really makes me want to punch a wall. However, there’s a reason that Recess Monkey is a GeekMom favorite. The band combines humorous lyrics with different styles of music—and there really isn’t a stinker in the bunch. The trio’s latest album, Wired, should be considered required listening for anyone in our audience.

Photo: Recess Monkey.

Described as “gadget rock,” the group’s eleventh studio recording is actually an ode to inventions, machines, and the maker culture in general. Um, do you really need to know more?

Just in case, it should be noted that this album is busting with songs that aren’t just perky, but they’re pretty funny as well. The album kicks off with the honky-tonk of “Take Your Kids to Work” and eases right into the sugar-induced title track. From there, it goes through a few familiar family scenarios, such as “Braces,” “Car Wash,” “Garage Sale,” and “Skee Ball.”

True makers (and those in training) will probably have songs like “Duct Tape World” and the Lego-inspired “Brick by Brick” on an endless loop. The latter is destined to be a radio hit with lyrics like:

Don’t walk in bare feet ’cause the blocks are littered around
Find a piece of green ground, sit down, and build up a town
We made a castle once that reached above our big bookshelf
That giant spaceship there, I designed it all by myself…

All of the tracks are equally as energetic and original. That said, one of my personal favorites is definitely “Lazy Susan.” I just love the bouncy, ska-style beats!

With a title like Wired, you shouldn’t be surprised that this album was designed to get you moving. However, there are plenty of chances to catch your breath, including the Beatles-esque “Wishing Well” and the mellow sign-off of “Off the Grid.”

One of the great things about Recess Monkey is that the band isn’t afraid to try out different styles of music. Wired is filled with all sorts of musical experiments, with fantastic results. The album is recommended for ages 3 to 8, but Wired should keep the entire family bopping, bouncing, moving, and grooving for most of the album’s 43-minute runtime.

Wired will be available starting June 17, 2014.

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