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CharmCam: a Baby Monitor That Does So Much More

Modern baby monitors have come a long way since the sound-only models that used to pick up the neighbors’ wireless home phone conversations. But it seems like they could be doing even more. Enter CharmCam. Read More


iPhone Stun Gun Case — Protection or Trip to the ER Waiting to Happen?

The Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun case is exactly as its name implies. It’s a case for your iPhone that has a built in stun gun feature. With a 650K volt stun gun built in, this is not a case to be taken lightly by its user. Currently just an Indiegogo project, the Yellow Jacket has already made its minimum goal to start production. Read More

The Wow Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: Style and Sound

Here’s a crowdfunding project for all you audiophiles. It’s the Wow Wireless bluetooth speaker and it not only sounds great, but looks great, too. Despite the huge number of speakers out there, most of them look a lot alike. They’re generally little cubes or little rectangles made of shiny metal and plastic. It’s not that they’re ugly, but they’re just not very pretty. This little speaker delivers not only great sound, but a genuinely stylish design that will add to your room. Read More