The Doctor vs. Sherlock: The Ultimate Geek Face-Off

Screenshot of the Doctor vs Sherlock pin. Screenshot by Ariane Coffin.
Screenshot of the Doctor vs. Sherlock pin. Screenshot by Ariane Coffin.

About one year ago, I came across a simple image on Pinterest. It read:

“The Doctor & Sherlock knock on your door. The Doctor asks you to be his companion. Sherlock asks you to be his blogger. Who do you choose?”

A simple premise, but a very tough decision! Who would I choose? I repinned the image with my own comment, “Depends on The Doctor. 9th for me, yes. Sherlock would be interesting but quite rude, right?”

Since then, that pin has been the one I’ve received the most comments on. First observation: Nobody on Pinterest can type or spell. Second, Doctor beats Sherlock! I pulled the data from the Pinterest comments and added to it the votes I received from the GeekMoms, for a total of 48 responses. Out of 48, 14 chose Sherlock, 20 chose the Doctor (in any incarnation), 7 tried to connive their way into picking both, 5 people had complicated answers (i.e. “it depends on the Doctor,” along with other factors), and finally 2 people went rogue by choosing Martin Freeman/Watson.

Doctor vs Sherlock: The results. Graph by Ariane Coffin.
Doctor vs. Sherlock: The results. Graph by Ariane Coffin.

Some of my favorite comments were the arguments about ways to choose both. Good point, Madisyn, good point.

Doctor vs Sherlock commenter debate. Screenshot by Ariane Coffin.
Doctor vs. Sherlock commenter debate. Madisyn did correct “bit” to “but” in a later comment. Screenshot by Ariane Coffin.

Perhaps the single most interesting answer I received came from my husband. “Why would I be a companion? I’d just be the freaking Doctor!” Is it just my husband or are all men this cocky?

How about you, who would you choose?

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