The Waiting is the Hardest Part

GeekMom Technology

Nothing, and I mean, NOTHING makes me RAGE harder than having my “gold time” frittered away by some nonsense.

No, I don’t mean “gold time” in the sense of working more than 10 hours – I’m talking about a mother’s precious gold time.  NAP TIME.  I have a window of time to get things done, uninterrupted, without distraction, and with my red HP bar at about half.

This is usually the time for me to make phone calls, and if I’m not pounding like a crazy person on the virtual buttons of my phone after navigating endless phone menus, well, then I guarantee you,  I’m probably screaming into the phone “REAL PERSON, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY!!!! REAL!!! PERSON!!!!”

But I just downloaded an app called Fast Customer. It promises to navigate all of these phone numbers for me, and alert me once there’s a real person on the line. I’ve checked out the list of companies on there, and it looks pretty impressive – if it saves me even 5 minutes of gold time, it’s worth the 1 minute it took me to download.

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