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She-Hulk #1 (Skottie Young Variant) image: © Marvel Comics.

Happy Comic Release Day! Welcome to another installment of GeekMom Comic Book Corner, where we recap our adventures in comics for the week. This week, I take a look at a story about the famous Persian Queen, Shahrazad, while Kelly checks out the world of She-Hulk, and Sophie dives further into the conspiracy of The X-Files

Dakster Sullivan — Shahrazad (Big Dog Ink)

Shahrazad #1  Image: Big Dog Ink
Shahrazad #1 image: Big Dog Ink.

I’ve thought about reading Shahrazad for a while now and thanks to three issues arriving in my inbox, I finally sat down and got to reading.

Shahrazad is the Persian Queen from Arabian Nights and this time, it’s her story that’s being told. The book itself is a bit mysterious in terms of the storyline. There are times when flashbacks occur while Shahrazad is talking and you have no idea what is going on. It’s definitely a “go with a flow and enjoy the ride” kind of book.

Even though I didn’t understand everything that was mentioned in the three issues, I still enjoyed it because the book is full of adventure, amazing art, and a female lead character who is a very strong-willed leader. I wish they would have had a little more imagination when dressing her in some scenes, but what are you going to do?

Shahrazad comes out monthly and is available at local comic book shops and on ComiXology. 

Curious to know what I’m pulling this week? Check out my pull list on ComiXology.

Kelly Knox — She-Hulk #2 by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido

She-Hulk #2 (Amanda Conner Variant) image: © Marvel Comics.

It seems that since the success of Hawkeye, Marvel’s new solo titles are venturing into the same territory of “what The Avengers do when they’re not on duty.” That’s not a bad thing. Instead of giant, sweeping crossovers or intergalactic wars, we get quieter moments with Black Widow and Hawkeye(s) that focus on developing the characters.

Last week She-Hulk #2 hit comic book store shelves fast on the high heels of the first issue, and it continues the same trend. As the series kicks off, we find Jennifer Walters—continually in She-Hulk form—struggling with launching her own law practice after spectacularly leaving her last job. While the first issue reminded me a little too much of last year’s The She-Hulk Diaries in tone, the second one not only introduces some memorable new characters (what is with the monkey?), but also includes some fun Girl’s Night Out action with Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat.

The art style by Pulido is bright and bold, but might not be to every reader’s taste. I find it works well with the feel of the book.

With a compelling combination of humor, action, and an interesting setup, She-Hulk has earned a spot on my pull list every month.

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Sophie Brown — The X-Files Conspiracy: The Crow and The X-Files Season 10 #10

The X-Files The Crow  Image: IDW Publishing
The X-Files The Crow image: IDW Publishing.

When I saw that The Crow would be one of the franchises crossing over with The X-Files during the Conspiracy event, I made a point of finally sitting down to watch the movie. I loved it. For me, one of the most important parts of the plot was how much you came to care for Eric Draven and his cause as he seeks revenge for the tragedy that befell him and his fiancee.

That’s why I found it baffling why the writers of this issue chose to make their new Crow plot characters so unlikable. This is especially relevant when we are given a mere four and a bit pages to get to know them before they are quickly shuffled off this mortal coil and off to meet their maker.

Robin and Bernie are a couple of State Troopers killed during a car chase between the Lone Gunmen and the unidentified bad guys we saw congregating outside their motel at the end of the last issue. The thing is, Robin is already married and has been having an affair with Bernie, apparently for quite some time. Does that mean that they are somehow less deserving of justice for their untimely deaths than someone more “virtuous?” Of course not. There’s even a rather wonderful quote by The Fall’s DCI Stella Gibson to that end. However, if you need me to quickly root for your characters over the course of just a few pages, then making them adulterous probably isn’t the most effective course of action.

The rest of this issue is something of a mess. The dialogue between the returned Bernie and his Crow companion is rather good and reminds me of early Sandman, but the way his plot is connected to the Gunmen’s quest feels forced and incredibly vague. In fact, it’s so vague that Frohike is forced to literally spell out what’s going on a few panels from the end.

The menacing goons from the nondescript secret government agency are back, for no real purpose apparently other than giving Bernie someone to kill. It’s all a bit of a shambles to get us to the point where the final issue can hopefully resolve this entire thing. I’m hoping that the sixth and final installment of Conspiracy will bring us back to the start, which was actually pretty good. Fingers crossed.

The X-Files Season 10 #10

The X-Files Season 10 continues with “More Musing of a Cigarette Smoking Man”—a title that fans will appreciate, thanks to its link back to the show’s fourth season.

The issue consists of short vignettes from the life of CGB Spender, beginning with his time in the U.S. Army during the Bay of Pigs. You’re gonna need to know your modern U.S. history well to fully appreciate everything going on here. As a Brit, I found myself googling a few things for context, such as President Kennedy’s 1962 address to the American Association of Newspaper Editors. Incidentally, that speech is dated April 17 in the issue, when it actually took place on April 20—just in case you’re reading, Mr Harris.

We quickly move on through a number of scenes that add more depth to Spender’s history. I loved seeing Cassandra in 1970 (one of the issue’s most chilling scenes for those aware of how that relationship progresses) and Teena in 1965, along with a spooky little intruder. It’s also nice to see that the art reflects the actors who portrayed both Bill Mulder and Spender in the show’s flashbacks. However, I kept having to remind myself that I wasn’t watching Jeffrey Spender; it’s his father. There are so many nice links back to the show that I couldn’t list them all, but the references to Paper Clip and the work performed by Victor Klemper in the 1950s were particularly interesting and disturbing both in story and artwork.

Throughout the issue, we are offered hints about an ongoing experiment that might be the reason that Spender is somehow “back from the dead.” They also offer a potentially tantalizing idea for another character who could possibly make a return appearance, although perhaps I’m just reading too much into it? The ending forces us back to the present and reminds us how little we know. I loved this issue, even though it naturally misses out on having any “screen time” for Mulder and Scully. Spender’s story is interesting enough to hold us even without the main protagonists making an appearance—a tough call for any secondary character.

I’m really looking forward to next month and the beginning of “Pilgrims,” the second major mythology arc for Season 10. Do us proud Joe!

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