What to Give a Geeky Mom For Valentine’s Day

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. For some couples it’s just another day on the calendar; for others, there better be wining and dining–and geeking out. If you’re in the gifts-and-chocolate camp, here are ideas for some go-to gifts to give the geek mom in your life to show her how much you love her.

Or, even better, treat yo self and show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day by picking up one (or more) of these fabulously geeky finds selected by the writers here at GeekMom.

© ThinkGeek

Who wants lingerie when you just want to be snugly on chilly nights? Lounge in comfort and timey-wimey style with the TARDIS Boot Slippers. They’re warm and cozy for these last days clinging to winter.

And yes, I’m sure the slippers are bigger on the inside. Even the box the slippers come in is worth keeping! $49.99, ThinkGeek – Kelly Knox




© ClintonStudios

If your lady love swoons more over Dark Lords than Time Lords, the Star Wars Quote Rings from Etsy seller ClintonStudios might be just what you need to declare your love on Valentine’s Day.

The handmade rings can even be customized with a special message. $20, Etsy – Lisa Tate





© BeeesBeads

Always be close to your geeky lady’s heart with the Arc Reactor Heart Pendant. Fans of Tony Stark and The Avengers will love this one-of-a-kind “Heart Reactor” from Etsy seller BeeesBeads.

You can also find a Tesseract necklace and other geeky jewelry in the store that’s just begging to be given away on Valentine’s Day. $14.99, EtsyKelly Knox




© Marvel

Speaking of Avengers close to our hearts, Thor: The Dark World is coming to Blu-Ray and DVD at the end of the month.

But rather than giving your loved one a raincheck for a gift that you won’t have in hand for a couple of weeks, you can buy the digital version now on Amazon and iTunes and curl up on the couch together for a Valentine’s Day movie night. $19.99 (Digital), Amazon/iTunesKelly Knox




© Alfred’s

If you’ve been watching the final season of How I Met Your Mother, you might have a new soft spot in your heart for the ukulele.

Combining romance and just a little bit of geekiness, the ukulele is a sweet gift for your favorite mom that also helps her learn a new skill. Teach Yourself to Play Ukulele will have her strumming the strings in no time. $74.99, Amazon – Sarah Pinault




© Walter Foster Publishing

Another skill that Ted Mosby approves of? Calligraphy. If the pen and paper are more your favorite geeky mom’s style, give her something new to obsess over with a beginner’s Calligraphy Kit.

She’ll appreciate a gift that’s not your run-of-the-mill chocolate box, and also enjoy having the peace, quiet, and time to sit down and try her hand at something new. $19.99, Amazon – Samantha Cook




© Pixelosis

Etsy shop Pixelosis works jewelry magic with just beads and wire.

For gamer-moms, you can’t beat the handmade Pixelated Heart Container Earrings for Valentine’s Day–although the small Game Boy earrings are almost irresistible. $25, EtsyKelly Knox





© MayFair Games

Speaking of gamer-moms, if she’s a fan of Settlers of Catan, you can turn your next family game night into date night.

Crack open Rivals for Catan and enjoy some one-on-one time together as you match wits and fight to control your domain–so, you know, a typical night. $20, Amazon – Sarah Pinault




© WizKids

Another good date-game-night option is Quarriors! from WizKids. What geeky-mom doesn’t long for “Uber Strategic Hexahedron Monster Combat Mayhem” on Valentine’s Day?

The only thing better might be “Uber Strategic Hexahedron Monster Combat Mayhem AND Chocolate,” so maybe pick up the Chocolate Gaming Dice Set from ThinkGeek for a truly memorable night. $69.99, Amazon – Sarah Pinault




Last minute tip: If you’re reading this the day before Valentine’s Day and panicking, Target can be your last resort. This year the retail chain is carrying Star Wars and Justice League themed Valentine gifts and chocolates, so you might still score a geeky gift with minutes to spare.

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