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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™.

Let’s face it, kids can be a destructive bunch. It’s just a fact of life that even the most careful children sometimes break things. I lost many a necklace to my baby’s chubby little fingers and now that they’re older, our tech is at constant risk. My preteen daughter once fell on the stairs and smashed a brand new iPod to bits. A protection plan like the ones offered by our sponsor SIMPLR™ would have made my life a lot easier.


You can purchase a SIMPLR™ plan at select retailers from an ever-increasing list whenever you buy your product, or even choose to sign up as long as 30 days after you make your purchase. SIMPLR™ Protection Plans give you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about cracked screens on your gadgets, necklaces torn right off your neck, and all the random drops, spills, and mishaps that cause us all so many headaches. It might be the kids’ faults. It might be your fault. Either way, you’re covered.

The process of getting a plan really couldn’t be easier. First, you simply register for a SIMPLR™ Protection Plan and you’re off and running. If something goes wrong, relax. All you have to do is fill out a claim online and then ship your product out or schedule an in-home repair for the big stuff like appliances.


There’s no worrying about fees or deductibles or repair costs. A SIMPLR™ Protection Plan means you just sit back and a repaired or replaced product or a reimbursement will be on its way. Give SIMPLR™ a try and stop worrying about your stuff. #SIMPLRPLAN

As a part of this promotion, now through Sept 4th 2014, you can enter to win one of (30) $150 Amazon gift cards. This contest is open to US residents only. Enter using the easy Rafflecopter form below.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf SIMPLR™.

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8 thoughts on “Giveaway: Product Protection Is Now SIMPLR™ Than Ever

  1. I have a 4yo daughter that I really want to have her own iPad (instead of stealing my work issued one). The iPod touch is being coveted by her younger brother, but I can’t let him have it without substituting out something for her (and sadly, the Fire does not cut it). Having an all encompassing protection plan would ease a lot of heartache about the decision to get her one.

  2. Not having to worry about how something become damaged wor,ing against me in a claim especially with kids in the home and taking electronics with you on the go.

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