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This drawing was a present from my daughter: me having tea with Wolverine. But she made me old because it was more “appropriate” since I’m married to her father. I found that hilarious because he’s a fictional character so what’s to be worried about? Only just my total obsession with Wolverine.

And other “bad boy” fictional characters.

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Image By Rebecca Angel

You are quite sexy
Yet so two-dimensional
Abarai Renji

This would be followed “xoxoxoxoxo” and then I’d be too embarrassed to sign my name—assuming Renji and I would be in the same junior high classroom, forced to exchange valentines. Considering he doesn’t really exist, I suppose I shouldn’t feel any shame admitting that there was a time when I would spend free moments rummaging on deviantart for any and all renditions of my favorite Bleach character, that I became obsessed enough to write a haiku, then a song called “Two-Dimensional Love.” The lyrics are about falling in love with someone fictional, being aware of it, knowing it’s ridiculous, but you just can’t help yourself.

Renji is loud, quick to anger, and jealous. So why do I love him? He’s also fiercely loyal, first to defend others, and when he is gentle—it is a beautiful moment. Renji, Wolverine, Zuko

Lately, my crush is Loki. I remember the first Thor movie; I never mentioned to anyone that I found Loki attractive because his helmet was so silly, his hair was kinda floofy—but I was only trying to talk myself out of yet one more dive into bad-boy fandom. I want to kiss that smirk off his face! I thought I must be the only one.

Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Loki (Tom Hiddleston) © 2013 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2013 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.

Oh, was I wrong.

What’s up with the bad boys, you wonder? When I was chatting with a fellow geekmom, we both admitted to being attracted to fictional characters that we would never want in real life. She married a computer programmer, I married a molecular biologist—both are sweet, soft-spoken men that bake cookies with their children. My husband has never gotten into a physical fight in his entire life, and I don’t see him starting now. The only arguments he gets into are verbal, and never gets above a tolerable volume—he mostly just points out logic and facts. The one time I was majorly insulted in his presence, I defended myself while he silently put a hand on my shoulder.

Sometimes I want to imagine what it would be like to have a hot-tempered manly man. But in my bed, not daily life. Fiction is great that way. Whether it’s a TV show or comic book, I’m introduced to lots of sexy men that would piss me off in the real world. In the second X-Men movie, Wolverine says to Jean Grey, “I could be the ‘good guy’.”

No, you can’t.
And I love you that way.
(from the geeky girl in the corner)

So, ladies, what are your favorite bad boys of geeky fiction?

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10 thoughts on “My “Bad Boy” Valentines

  1. It’s nice to know I’m not the only adult female in the world with a crush on a cartoon character. Although I might have to roll for Zuko. Because seriously, adore him. I could go on this whole tangent about how the story is as much about Zuko as it is Aang, but I will abstain.

    (And, I like Sokka, but he’s a goofball. I married one of those.)

  2. In addition to the bad boys listed (swoon for Wolverine), my 13 year old DD and I are currently working our way through Buffy The Vampire Slayer and are both in love with Spike. And I had a thing for the bad boy vamp Kiefer Sutherland’s David from Lost Boys, and that obsession lasted until just recently with the end 24. 😉

    1. we both loved Zuko and hated the movie casting. And I too am married to a gentle computer programmer!

  3. Hee. I just have to say how much I appreciate that you have written a whole song dedicated to crushes on fictional characters. I am definitely prone to that. But I’ve never been into the bad boys in real life OR in fiction though. My fictional crushes actually tend to be MORE sweet-and-harmless than my real-life husband. I’ve also noticed I may have the geekiest list of celebrity crushes, too (Bill Nye, anyone?), so apparently my taste is just THAT UNLIKE MAINSTREAM. The only fictional bad boy I’ve ever found myself attracted to is Al Capone as portrayed in Gennifer Choldenko’s YA historical fiction books “Al Capone Does My Shirts” and “Al Capone Shines My Shoes.” Yes I know. I don’t get it, either.

  4. My fictional bad-boy crushes are my guilty pleasure! Glad I’m not alone. My latest obsessive crush: Eliot Spencer on Leverage. *swoon*

  5. I like Celegorm and Caranthir, sons of Feanor.
    Like, a lot.
    Also, Celebrimbor.

    And who could resist red Viper from The Song of Ice and Fire?

    I have also always found some charm in every single variation of Guy of Gisburne, either in the book or any movie I’ve seen.

    Oh, and Sephiroth!

    Actually – almost any demon or fallen angel, cruel elf or arrogant nobleman does it for me.

    And Zuko too. Zuko is great!

  6. Han Solo was my very first “bad boy” crush and as would naturely follow, Malcolm Reynolds. Had a big thing for Gambit as a tween, and still hold a special place in my heart for him. Damon from Vampire Diaries, the books.

  7. This was a fun post! And I have to agree with Loki (Tom H.) – hot.
    There have been so many over the years –
    Batman (more of a masked hero than a bad guy, but still… masked 🙂
    Han Solo – “I know”…
    Remington Steele (chocolate box hero now… but fascinating to a young teen)
    Spock – who’d have thought logic was so hot
    Spike (the coolest in School Hard…)
    Morpheus – Neil Gaiman’s Sandman (goth cool with a voice that could only be depicted with white on black lettering)
    Constantine – brit cool
    The beastie – Adam (from Patricia Briggs’ Mercy series)

    In my (slightly more) mature years , Immortals will do it for me and brain over brawn 🙂

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