Scottevest’s Ultimate Microfleece Hoodie Is Like a Warm Hug

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Image: Scottevest
Image: Scottevest

I’m already a fan of Scottevest’s clothes, mostly due to their high quality materials, manufacturing, and crazy amount of pockets. I previously reviewed their Travel Vest, which is a great basic piece of clothing for traveling or even every day use, and their Blackout Pockets for protection against GPS and RFID hacking. I hadn’t ever gotten my hands on significant outerwear, however.

Until now.

Great for both men and women, the Scottevest Ultimate Microfleece Hoodie is a light piece of outerwear that also works well for loungewear. It’s soft and cozy and has a hood with actual drawstrings. It zips up to your chin and has warm pockets for your hands. That’s about where most hoodies end. This one, however, also includes channels for your ear buds, several different options for where to put your iPod/iPhone/mp3 player, and even an area with capacitive fabric where you can operate your touch screen through the coat. There are also small pockets for the earbuds themselves when they are not in use. It’s all quite impressive.

Great for men and women. Image: Scottevest
Great for men and women. Image: Scottevest

The total of 11 pockets in this hoodie also include a double side-seam pocket, small device pocket, change pocket, pen pockets, eyeglasses pocket, and upper arm pocket on one sleeve. The requisite pockets for your hands close with magnets, which is much more convenient than zippers, and definitely better than Velcro. The magnets pull themselves closed, to mostly protect what’s in the pockets when your hands aren’t in them. The hand pockets also contain an extending key hook and a water bottle loop. The hoodie is 100% polyester and machine washable, and you can hang it to dry.

Scottevest makes what they call Technology Enabled Clothing (TEC), which makes it easier to use technology with your clothing. What does this mean? It means that their clothing has enough pockets to choke a horse hold all of your gadgets. Got a phone, an iPod, and a Nintendo DS? No problem. There are pockets for them all. Need to carry your full-sized iPad? The microfleece hoodie won’t really do it, but Scottevest coats like the Revolution Plus can handle it, no problem.

One fun feature of some of Scottevest’s clothing pockets is that they have labels for what they are intended for (sunglasses, cell phone, etc.), but of course you can use the pockets any way you like.

The Scottevest Ultimate Microfleece Hoodie retails for $70. It’s so cozy, it really does feel like a warm hug, but at the same time it is not bulky. It is made with high quality materials, so it will last. I recommend this coat to anyone looking for a light jacket with a hood, or something to layer underneath heavier or waterproof jackets.

GeekMom received a promotional item for review purposes.

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  1. They ARE a warm hug 🙂 thanks for the review! If anyone has specific Qs for SCOTTEVEST please don’t hesitate to reach out 🙂 We want to hear any and all feedback!

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