Technology Helps Find Your Bra Size With ThirdLove

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This is the bra style that I reviewed. Image: Third Love
This is the bra style that I reviewed. Image: ThirdLove

We’ve covered underthings before (pun intended, plus see Ruth’s fantastic post about Dear Kate underwear), so I thought it was time we tackled a new way to shop for them. It’s often quite difficult to fit yourself for a bra. What size are you? Well, what size were you the last time you went shopping? Have things changed?

We all know that there are a couple of different numbers we have to be concerned with. But when you are pregnant, nursing, previously nursing, or losing or gaining weight, your torso and your breasts will change size and shape. And if you’re shy, like me, you definitely won’t be asking the sales lady to help you find a good fit. Up until now, trial and error was the way to go for finding your current bra size.

A screenshot from the Third Love app. Image: Third Love
A screenshot from the ThirdLove app. Image: ThirdLove

A new company called ThirdLove has come up with a better way to do it in the comfort of your own home. ThirdLove sells bras, underwear, and undershirts, but their bra sizing method is ingenious. You download their app, put on a form fitting tank top (or just your bra), and stand in front of the mirror. The app guides you through some picture taking steps where it measures you from the front and the side. I have no idea how the programming works for this, but, in my experience, it does a pretty decent job.

Once the app takes your measurements, it allows you to select items that are the size it determines will fit you. Products that aren’t available in your size aren’t shown, which would explain why my options were limited (apparently some items are only available in certain cup sizes). There are several options for colors (black, pink, and tan in the style I was able to choose), and you can mix and match base and trim colors. The other kinds of underthings are available in coordinating colors. Place your order through the app, and then wait. A few days later, a nice, overly large box comes in the mail with your items. I ordered just the one bra and it was delicately wrapped it in tissue paper. It’s a fantastic box I can also now use for many other things, but I digress.

The brand-new bra felt like it was made of high quality fabrics, and wasn’t scratchy. The lace looked nice and edged the bra in more places than I would have expected.

Here’s where we get personal. The app measures you pretty accurately, but the numbers may confuse you. In department store bras, generally these days I’m a 36D. In the ThirdLove sizes, I came out as a 33D. I asked my contact at the company about the difference and she said that my experience is typical.

So how does the bra actually fit, knowing that? The cup size fits perfectly. It supports all of the right places without feeling constricting at all. The underwire sits securely against my body. The straps of the variety I chose are attached on the very outside of the cups, not the middle, and so it all feels different from usual, but you get used to it very quickly. The shapes of the cups are more rectangular than triangular, so it works. The band size, though, still seems a bit tight. I think a 34D would have been a better fit for me. I can certainly get it on and fastened, and it is comfortable, but there is zero give in the band elastic. More reason to lose a few pounds!

Would I recommend ThirdLove? Yes, definitely. They make high quality bras in enough colors and styles for most people and the technology in the app does a decent job fitting you. I’m surprised it does so well, since it doesn’t ask for any known size for reference. But the bras fit and are quite comfortable. Rory says the bra makes my breasts look more perky. After two kids, lots of breastfeeding, and plenty of weight loss and gain, that’s a plus in my book. (Sorry, no photos. This is a family blog and photos of me in a bra just aren’t going to make it onto the internet. Sorry, adoring fans.)

The bras and other products at ThirdLove vary in cost, but the prices aren’t drastically different from those at the department store. Give them a look! Beauty + quality + easy peasy lemon squeezy sizing = win. And if you’re not sure, they have free returns and exchanges. Check out their website for their full inventory.

Note: I received a bra for review purposes.

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