Fund This! Beyond our Boundaries, Geeks & Stitches, and the SeeSpace InAiR

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photo credit: Beyond Our Boundaries

I am back from the merriest of holidays and have a whole new batch of interesting and unique crowd funding campaigns to bring to your attention! Whether it’s a documentary about a family’s trek along the Appalachian Trail, nature inspired high fashion, or the future of television, there’s bound to be something here to tickle your funding fancy!

Beyond our Boundaries: A Family Backpacking Video Series

Someone sent this to a community list I’m on and I was captivated. This is an adventure I have always wanted to take and pretty much guarantee I never will. Just being honest. I have also always wanted to fly Virgin Upperclass, and frankly, that’s a bigger priority. But I can live vicariously through this family.

I can’t wait to see these parents and three kids travel the entire length of the Appalachian Trail; the challenges they face, how they entertain themselves, what they experience as they move through different regions. To be clear, the money they are raising is not for the trip itself, but for the production and editing of the video series, which they will have to send to a third party since they can’t do it on the trail. I am betting there are others just like me, who would love to see this project funded and watch the adventure unfold.

photo credit: Geeks & Stitches

Geeks & Stitches: Nature Inspired Luxury Fashion

I am not a fashionista, to my daughter’s dismay. But every once in a while, a designer captures my attention and makes me want to dress. I mean DRESS. When I saw the gorgeous designs from Geeks & Stitches, I wanted to grab my red lipstick, Fluevogs, and hire a sitter.

The company designs their own textiles, all inspired by nature, and creates vintage inspired yet ultra modern, gorgeous clothing. Geeks & Stitches designs and produces their entire line in London, and this campaign is to expand their business and production abilities. I love that they are offering clothing as backer rewards at a discount. I hate that I can not seem to choose between that frozen water pencil skirt and the ladybug overlay dress. Simply stunning.

photo credit: SeeSpace

SeeSpace InAiR: The World’s First Augmented Television

Up until now, my husband and I have not really seen any need to upgrade to a 3D capable television. This Kickstarter changed all that. The SeeSpace InAiR is the first device that creates an experience worthy of investing in one, and as a bonus would make me feel like Tony Stark. The founders are experienced and capable by their own invention, which gives me confidence that this product will live up to the promise they are making.

This is the kind of future seeking product that I love to see and back.

Happy Backing!

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