Thank you, Noel Neill

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Noeil Neill as Lois Lane in Adventures of Superman, image via Warner Bros.
Noeil Neill as Lois Lane in Adventures of Superman, image via Warner Bros.

It’s hard to remember a time when there weren’t hundreds of television channels to chose from, but there was such a time.  Shows from the 1950s and 1960s were in constant repeat in the early 1970s. Between Star Trek, Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, My Three Sons , Bonanza, Big Valley, and the list went on and on.

My favorite was Adventures of Superman. I’d watch those reruns until my parents would ask “don’t you have all the dialog memorized by now?”

Yes. Yes I did.

My favorite fictional character is Lois Lane. My dad used to buy me Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane comics when I was little.


Noel Neill was my first live action Lois Lane. She played her with a dignity which became my lode star for all other Lois Lanes. I used to love the scenes where Lois would call out Clark for missing all the action while Superman came in to save the day.

She didn’t believe a word he’d say. His silly explanations were fun to watch but a young girl watching the interplay? I always felt she was in on the joke not the butt of the joke that was all to commonplace in the Silver Age comics.

The DC Women Kicking Ass blog shared this video which illustrates what I’m talking about perfectly.

Noel Neill lived a full life. She was 95. So I don’t mourn. I celebrate her and I thank her for bringing my favorite character to life.

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