MOOV Street Kit: What a Legacy Toy Looks Like

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MOOV street kit, berg toys, life size vehicle building set,

I don’t like a house cluttered with toys any more than you do. There are plenty of workarounds for this situation. In my family, we emphasize gifts of experience as well as invest in playthings with lasting value. That means open-ended and clever toys so well crafted that they’re legacy purchases—items that hold their value for resale but are too beloved to sell. When our kids outgrow them, they’re entirely worth saving for eventual grandchildren. Legacy toys in my family include a handmade doll house, architectural blocks, artisan puzzles, and our newest discovery—the Moov Street Kit.

This extraordinary building set is a great hands-on way for kids to learn about machines, levers, physics, and more while having fun. It contains 175 parts including wood building pieces and metal components, yet assembly requires no tools. Kids can can build whatever they’d like. Or they can follow instructions to make a bike, snowscooter, racer, crane, helicopter, scooter, and other vehicles so sturdy that they can hold a rider up to 110 pounds.

The manual is entirely graphic, no reading necessary. Just choose the model, grab parts shown on the chart, and follow the steps. In places where a child may put a piece on incorrectly, there are visuals to demonstrate the potential error. Each model provides a reasonable level of challenge, and best of all, everything can be taken apart to create another vehicle.

The engineer in our family is wildly enthusiastic about the MOOV Street Kit, a toy he deemed better designed and built than any he’d ever seen. He posted pictures on Facebook and wrote:

Stuff this cool and well built didn’t exist when I was a kid. It’s Legos that you can ride, beautiful CNCed wood, pneumatic tires, all made by some awesome people in Holland. To all the engineering parents out there, this is the *best thing.*


toy for tinkerers, MOOV Street Kit,
Grooved bars, color coded and numbered to correspond with length, work with rubber o-rings. Heavy gauge steel components include head tubes, supports, and hand brake. Image:



Pneumatic wheels with rubber tires. Image:


This pile of parts…

A pile of possibility. Image:


…turns into this!

MOOV street kit, berg toys, life size vehicle building set,
Street ready! Image:

The Moov Street Kit is sustainably manufactured in the Netherlands by Berg. It’s available to buyers via (a site packed with children’s playthings, home furnishings, and decor) as well as on

GeekMom received a sample of this product.

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