Moshi Audio Mythro Earbuds: Finally Earbuds For Small Ears

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Grey Mythro earbuds by Moshi Audio. Image used with permission.
Grey Mythro earbuds by Moshi Audio. Image used with permission.

I haven’t been serious about earphones since studying broadcast production in college. I haven’t had to. Most of the time, we listen to music or audio books on the computer or in the car and everyone listens. But since tablets and smart phones are commonplace now, even in our house, we have also been looking at earphones that work with all our devices. Within days of my husband wearing out his second pair of earbuds, Moshi Audio provided a review sample of their new Mythro earbuds. The earbuds are a personal headset with a built-in mic that can be used with phones and other devices.

It is difficult for me to find earbuds that work in my ears. Most fall out because my ears are so tiny. For example, the standard iPod buds don’t even fit in my ears at all. I have used my kid’s earbuds in the past because they came with an extra small bud tip, but I can’t use them on a continual basis or he would complain. The Moshi earbuds are the first earbuds I have found that actually stay in my ears.

Specs for the Moshi Audio Mythro earbuds.
Specs for the Moshi Audio Mythro earbuds.

Size: The sizes of earbud attachment are fairly standard to other earbuds. As usual, I use the smallest size at 11.1 mm. The medium is 12.3 mm and the large is 13.6 mm.

Shape: The shape is what makes these earbuds unique. The back end of the piece that fits in your ear is angled to have a more snug fit in the ear. An added bonus to the angle of the ear pieces is that you don’t have to look at the buds to see which one goes in which ear, you can do it by feel. Because of the shape, this is the first set of earbuds that I can wear while exercising and not have to worry about them falling out.

Mic:  I haven’t received any complaints while using it for phone conversations, even in the car.

Durability: I use these all day. They are plugged into my phone in the car in case I get a phone call, and I use them in my phone at night to listen to audio books while going to sleep. I also use them during the day with my computer while I am writing to cut out the outside noise.  I have been in this routine for over two months. My last three sets of earbuds under these same conditions broke within the two month time frame, but the Mythro earbuds have held up just fine.

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The Moshi Audio Mythro earbuds have been wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about them. They fit, they are comfortable, affordable, sound great, and have a nifty little strip that holds the chord in a bundle when they aren’t being used.  If they break I will definitely get another pair. They can be purchased from the Moshi website or Amazon for $30.

*A pair of earbuds were provided for the review*

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