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Science is a story too. Image: CC by 2.0's Flickr photostream

How do people choose science careers? Sometimes their vocations sneak up on them despite plans to become poets or civil rights lawyers. Sometimes they find themselves working with science as painters, journalists, and teachers. Sometimes science is the only path they could have imagined. Once the science bug bites, it’s all over.

That’s where The Story Collider comes in. It’s a storytelling project inviting people to tell their own science stories on stage and online. Each story is uniquely personal and often funny. These cabaret-style presentations range across all sorts of compelling topics. Thank goodness they’re available on podcast. Look at what you’ve been missing:

Many are also available on video. You can check them out on Facebook, follow them @story_collider on Twitter, and offer to tell your own story by submitting a description to Coming up on a second anniversary, The Story Collider celebrates with this compilation video describing various ways people arrive at lives enmeshed in science.

As one participant explains, “Science can be just as dynamic, exciting, in-your-face, and sometimes messy as a punk rock show.

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