The Legend of Korra: Season Two Binge!

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Image By Nickelodeon
Image: Nickelodeon

If you haven’t watched Season Two of Legend of Korra, do it! This is one of the few times I’ve ever wished for a big screen computer to get the full epic-ness of the last few episodes. My two teens and I laughed, teared up, and were truly stunned by the storytelling of this series. Each episode is only a half hour and there aren’t too many, so you can binge away. Tip: Be sure to click on “Full Episodes” in the videos section.

The overall plot starts out with political unrest within the northern and southern water tribes. This is tough for Korra because it involves her family. Plus, multiple issues and plot lines within the circle of characters Korra has around her from the first season. A few episodes in, we take a step back in time to meet the first Avatar. This two-parter was visually beautiful, and set up the larger conflict to confront everyone in the series: a complete transfer of power from light to dark that will last for the next 10,000 years. Unless Korra and her friends can save the day…

Until Season Three begins, we can check out all the cool fan art.

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